7 Best WordPress SEO Tips &Techniques to Boost Website Ranking

Boost Website Ranking

Search engine giants like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are not only concerned about the website’s design and images added to it but also care more about quality content, alt tags, keywords, file names, and more. Additionally, understanding what search engines expect from websites can bring success to anybody’s online venture. Whether one is having a business website or launching a new blog website, the success of every business depends on the traffic.

With the availability of numerous website designing platforms it has become easier to design websites but well, if you are running a WordPress website, then it is important to optimize the website for search engines. A beautifully designed website is a waste of time without SEO. The SEO-friendly website possesses a higher chance to be at the top of Google SERPs.

Where WordPress comes with a variety of SEO plugins that are liable to take care of the website’s credibility, there are some important tips and tricks that can make a huge difference to your website.  

1. Create Comprehensive Content

Nothing satisfies the audience as well as Google other than quality content. A website without content is not called a website, similarly, poor-quality content is dead to both the audience and search engines. After all, the most effective SEO tactic for website rankings is high-quality, user-engaging content. According to Google, the content is not only related to the post which is error-free but also gives a pleasing experience to the visitors. Google hates copied content and takes no time in punishing websites with plagiarised content. People access the internet only when they are looking for valuable information. So, offering them the exact information they are seeking is the way to successful SEO.

Write content that is funny, interesting, and relevant to the searches. If you can provide informative content then it will be considered to be quality content by Google.

2. Carry Out Brilliant Keyword Research

In the earlier days, keyword stuffing worked as an SEO technique, but now Google frowns upon this technique. However, the keyword is still a ranking factor. All search engines including Google rely on keywords to rank websites. This means SEO is one of the best online marketing strategies that must be carried out with brilliant keyword research.

Searching for the keywords that are on the top of the competition is easy with the availability of numerous tools. For instance, if you want to rank ‘WordPress Plugin’ on Google, then there comes a tool named Google Adwords Key Planner that can help you examine your keyword competitiveness and derive more alternatives for the same keyword. You can make use of Google Analytics also to know what audience is searching to find your business. So, WordPress Site Statistics are another key to keyword ideas.

3. Keyword Rich Title and Tags

Every part of the website is liable to boost search visibility and this begins with the name of the website. For example, whenever you install a new WordPress theme, the appearing tab allows choosing to set a tagline and title according to the search criteria. Creating a title embedded with rich keywords makes your website more user and search-friendly.

Websites designed on the WordPress platform allow posting content with keyword-rich titles which further helps in ranking the blogs at the tops of SERPs.

4. Use SEO-Ready WordPress Plugins And Themes

Do you know why WordPress is the most preferred platform for creating websites? Thanks to WordPress Plugins and Themes that come in handy to manage the best SEO practices easily. One can begin with the use of any theme or plugin but using the SEO-ready ones allows you to take Google by storm. These plugins allow the addition of desired keywords, and descriptions more automatically than creating manually.

Some of the interesting and useful options available with WordPress are:

i) Yoast SEO Plugin

This plugin is very popular among business owners because of its various benefits. Yoast plugin helps to focus on the primary and secondary keywords by adding to the blog posts, meta descriptions, and titles. It also comes with a page analysis feature that helps you to determine the content and make it as SEO-friendly as possible.

ii) SEO-Friendly Images

As the name suggests, SEO-friendly images help optimize the images for search engines along with driving traffic from image searches. Moreover, this plugin allows combining the ALT tags to images too.

Usually, every page and blog post has its unique URL but WordPress is open-source software that offers the default format which simply assigns the numbers to every piece of content. Adding the keywords instead of these numbers to the permalinks makes every individual page searchable. Just go to the settings tab on the dashboard, select the permalinks, and place the keywords that are relevant to your niche. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to rank the keywords on the top.

6. HTTPS as a Site Ranking Source

As we all know, Google is doing every possible thing to create a faster, better, and more secure web for every individual. Every time, their algorithms are offering a better search experience to the users. Moreover, with their Knowledge Graph, the search is growing faster day by day. And now, Google has made it compulsory for webmasters to adopt HTTPS to boost the security of web properties.

No matter what are the perceptions of the population, link building is an essential part of WordPress Search Engine Optimization practices. Publishing high-quality content and linking it with highly trusted sources takes the ranking of your websites to the top of SERPs. But if you get the links from websites whose content is irrelevant to your niche, then your website will come to a lower level on SERPs.

So, get the links from high-quality websites or ones that are authoritative. As a link to high-quality websites is only the way to add value to your site.    

Final Thoughts

Always remember that SEO takes time whether it’s a WordPress SEO or another. There are other tactics and SEO techniques too when it comes to SEO but mentioned above are some of the best ones that you can implement in your WordPress website. Make the most out of these engaging tricks and drive constant traffic to your website from every search engine. All the Best!

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