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The beauty industry has cutthroat competition because of the numerous pioneering brands and their extensive lines of skincare products. Breaking the competition in such a competitive environment is difficult. However, if you have sound knowledge of SEO – Search Engine Optimization – and have an effective plan, you can drive relevant traffic to your online cosmetic store. For your assistance, some of the valuable SEO tips and tricks are shared in this post.

1. Research cosmetic keywords

Keyword research is the foundation of SEO. All your optimization efforts fail if you choose keywords in haste that are irrelevant, low in competition, and intent. Start your research with the specific niche in the beauty industry you choose. Cosmetics are itself waste so you can narrow down the market for your product by recognizing the age, gender, and other demographics of the target audience.

The beauty industry is empowered by brands as people are more concerned about their skincare. They may not be comfortable buying products from a newly established manufacturer. Here, you need to evaluate either to stay with a private label of your own or promote the renowned brands. It may lead you to choose skincare products that are organic and natural, vegan and environmentally friendly, or for specific genders or elite classes. Determining the target audience can help you better select the search terms for your products and categories.

The goal is to select keywords that show audience interest, have low competition, and have high search volume. The tools you can use for keyword research are Uber Suggest, Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Ahref, etc.

2. Form a content strategy

Online buyers need to review and compare products they buy. Their behavior is no different when it comes to beauty or skincare products. You may need to form a content strategy to reach out to the target audience and engage them most suitably. Create compelling content for Facebook and Twitter, collaborate with influencers, produce how-to videos or short tutorials, and post image-rich content on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. Blogging has a significant role when you have to gain trust and credibility.

3. Carry site audit

Online cosmetic stores are often loaded with numerous items, categories, and pages. A site audit is necessary to ensure the website is working fine with so many loads. It may help you evaluate the structural and performance status of the store. For site audit, you can use tools like Sitebulb, Deepcrawl, SreamingFrog, etc. Any issue or bug a tool highlights need to be fixed as soon as possible as it may lead to a better and more reliable online presence. Website loading and performance also need to be the best as it attracts and engages users.

4. Configure technical SEO

Technical SEO, also known as On-page SEO, requires you to add cosmetic keywords in the Meta title, Meta description, and product copy. Beauty stores like GuruApp need to use long-tail keywords in product pages as they start with SEO. In addition to Meta tags, the keywords must also include in the URL, headings, subheadings, and image alt tags. It helps the search engines in knowing what the product is about. The product copy also needs to be optimized for higher exposure. It must include all details a user may want to know about a product.

5. Do Off-site SEO

Off-site or off-page SEO is a continuous struggle of pushing your online cosmetic store above in search results. Earn backlinks from quality websites, blogs, and other relevant stores. Have a plan of acquiring links from reliable and authentic sources that shows relevance to your skincare products or beauty industry. It supports you in search rankings by adding link juice and brings you referral traffic. If you are unable to find links to connect, you can do a competitor’s analysis. It will draw a list of websites and resources they are getting traffic from.

6. Pin your map location

If your online cosmetic store also has an outlet, you can take benefit from the local SEO. Pin your store’s location on the map, get reviews and start serving local orders. Add listings to the local directories, forums, and blogs to let the members know you have a strong existence.

Final words

Keyword research is the base of SEO. You can carry out extensive research beforehand to avoid the selection of irrelevant and competitive keywords. This research may lead you to draft a content strategy.

Work on producing creative and compelling content that adds value to your brand. Copying content from other sources may harm your web existence and stop your growth. Quality content attracts relevant traffic from search engine result pages.

To ensure everything works perfectly, you shall undergo a detailed site audit. It will highlight strengths and weaknesses. Once you fix the store structure, you can move forward with the on-page, off-page, and local SEO.

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