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Pokémon Go update adds Gen 4 evolutions, Meltan, more

Classic Pokémon such as Magmar and Electabuzz can now evolve for the first time in Pokémon Go. Last night, Pokémon Go added a new item which unlocks these species’ new Gen 4 evolutions. Named...


Updated Certificate for Game Center Authentication

On November 12, 2018, a new certificate for server-based Game Center Player ID verification will be available via the publicKeyUrl property of generateIdentityVerificationSignature, and the previous certificate will expire. Read Also 64-bit Requirement for Mac...


Download NavStar APK: Samsung’s new Navigation Bar Customization Plugin for Good Lock 2018

Download NavStar APK: Samsung’s new Navigation Bar Customization Plugin for Good Lock 2018 Samsung added several customization options lately for its Android devices with the introduction of Good Lock 2018 in support for Oreo...


Major Challenges in Managing Salesforce DX and Quick Fixes

Salesforce DX is now one of the top-rated and most chosen CRM platforms now to build cozy and user-friendly business apps. The platform not only offers rapid development capacities but also let both individual...


The Best Paypal Alternatives to Get Paid by International Companies

If you are doing online work on Fiverr, Freelancer or work on many other international online companies then you know that how difficult it is to send and receive payments from foreign companies.  In...


Top Tips To Start a Profitable Blog From Scratch

There are many strategies you can find after deep research of blogging, but I’m going to share some major tips through which you can become the best blogger. Are you excited? Be excited because...


Ways to market a small business and how to plan a marketing budget

Marketing is vital for all business today irrespective of small or scale business. Marketing is also equally crucial to non-profit firms as well. Today leading companies are coming up with various new and innovative...

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How to Boost Conversion Rates through a Powerful Content Marketing

Exceptional copywriting is like an exceptional salesman working nonstop to promote your business and customer service 24/7. The case with a great content is no different! The true essence of the content you post...


5 apps to keep your brain sharp

We are glued to our phones all the time. They say we are becoming the zombie generation very fast. That might be true. There is no denying that we are destroying our brain cells...

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How Fast Can People Expect A VPN To Be?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a security and privacy technology used by many people on the internet. However, one thing I am sure is that anyone who has ever used a VPN must...

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