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Could Your Mobile Phone Plan Help Your Gaming?

Credit (CC0 License) What are some of the key aspects of a great gaming setup? For one, you need...

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Video conferencing vs face-to-face meetings

After months of social distancing and lockdown measures around the world, the idea of a face-to-face meeting...
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How 5 Products From Apple Changed The Way We Perceived Technology In The World

The MacBook, iPad, iPhone, iPod and Apple Watch changed human lives. How technology affects human lives changed forever. Read on to know more.
Mindmap Brainstorm Idea Innovation

What is mind mapping, and how to create a mind map?

We exercise to keep ourselves fit. Similarly, mind mapping is a mental exercise that keeps your mind...

What is the Difference Between a Cordless & a Cellular Phone?

Phone communication is an essential aspect of human life with historical value. Though the principle of audio interaction has remained the same...

Xiaomi EU Rom – MIUI 12 Changelog 20.7.9

What's new in Xiaomi EU ROM 20.7.9 Below you will find the changelog for...
Online Shopping

Top 3 Promising Payment Platforms

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay The world has definitely gone online. It’s considered old-fashioned to do things without...

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The Best Free and Premium WordPress Instagram Themes for Your Blog or Website

Instagram is a fantastic social media platform for all business niches. It is a photo sharing site that displays photos from your...

How can AI (Artificial Intelligence) improve the performance of call center software?

Nowadays the world is excited to witness the technological beauty of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Big tech investors...

The Coolest Features in the 2018 iPhone line up

This year’s iPhones were the most innovative yet This year, Apple released 3 new devices to their iPhone portfolio,...

The Best Vehicular Combat Games: 6 Must-Play Titles

Driving games can seem a little dry and technical, especially if you’re only familiar with simulators aimed at enthusiasts. Thankfully there are...

A Gamer’s Choice: Tablet or Laptop for Gaming on The Go? Which is Ideal

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