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Xiaomi EU Rom – Changelog 20.3.26

What's new in Xiaomi EU ROM 20.3.26 Below you will find the changelog for...

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Intel Processor generations

How Intel names its processors and why it matters [naming convention and generations]

How Intel names its processors and why it matters, As time moves, the world’s problems get more complex demanding equally complex solutions. These solutions more often than not rely on computers, which as a result are forced to evolve at a much faster rate to outpace the challenges that be.

The Best Free and Premium WordPress Instagram Themes for Your Blog or Website

Instagram is a fantastic social media platform for all business niches. It is a photo sharing site that displays photos from your...

How can AI (Artificial Intelligence) improve the performance of call center software?

Nowadays the world is excited to witness the technological beauty of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Big tech investors...

The Coolest Features in the 2018 iPhone line up

This year’s iPhones were the most innovative yet This year, Apple released 3 new devices to their iPhone portfolio,...

The Best Vehicular Combat Games: 6 Must-Play Titles

Driving games can seem a little dry and technical, especially if you’re only familiar with simulators aimed at enthusiasts. Thankfully there are...

How Web Design Can Improve Your Traffic and Online Sales

In a modern business environment, having a website is of the utmost importance. The main reason is that websites represent the face...

4 Technologies That Have Made Driving Safer

A minimum of 1,250,000 people die annually and another fifty million sustain injuries due to road accidents according to the World Health Organization. 95 percent...

5 Best Turn-Based Strategy Games to Play Right Now

I love a TBS or a Turn-Base strategy game because it gives you the time to plot your plan while the other...
Samsung Galaxy smartphone with double-sided display

9 Smartphone Innovations in 2019

Smartphone innovations are rapidly evolving and it’s an era where phones are smarter and faster than humans. And it’s not news that...
smart home

Smart Homes- The Future Ahead

The way we look at homes has definitely undergone a few changes in the past few years. As opposed to the usual...

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Benefits of Using Tablets in POS System

The use of tablets has become rampant in this generation. Restaurants are not excluded from businesses that...

GTA 6 For Android : Mod Liberty City Stories V2.2 (APK+OBB)

GTA 6 For Android: Mod Liberty City Stories V2.2 (APK+OBB) GTA 6 For Android UPDATE...

4K or 2K Monitor – Which Should I Go For Better Gaming Experience?

A few years ago, 4k monitors only affordable by “wealthy” gamers. However, with the technology advancement in today’s...

A guide for analyzing cloud vendors

Realizing that your current business system is not fulfilling your business needs is one thing and making the...

How Has Technology Helped Us During the Pandemic?

The world has been hit by an unforeseeable event in the form of the coronavirus pandemic. While we have prepared for such virus outbreaks,...

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