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The forecast is robots

Next robot should run Ubuntu Core Robots are an increasingly important part of our lives, in more ways than we realise. I’m not talking just about Roombas, or the toy robots that inhabit the...

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Top mistakes to avoid with your brand page on social media

If you are not active on social media, your brand could be missing out on a potentially large marketing avenue. Trends in business suggest that the internet is quickly evolving into a major player for retail sales. In the past 12 years, there has been expansive growth in the level of internet sales.

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Reolink Argus 2

To stay secure in the busy world of today setting up of security cameras has become unavoidable. The world of technology has made it possible for us to keep an eye on our house...


Xiaomi EU Rom – Changelog 9.2.14

Xiaomi EU Roms are based on Xiaomi Official China Developer Rom without Chinese Apps and preinstalled google services and many tweaks…… Fixes and what’s new on Xiaomi EU ROM 9.2.14? System UINew – Dark...


Pokémon Go finally getting AR photo mode

At last, Pokémon Go is getting an AR photo mode. It’s called Go Snapshot, and it’s coming very soon. Up until now, you’ve only been able to take AR snaps of Pokémon while you’re...