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Centralized vs. decentralized – Exchanges demystified

exchange software

Cryptocurrencies are all the rage today. These currencies are perceived as generally secure, and in addition, it is impossible to counterfeit them. The general consensus among investors and industry analysts is that crypto will continue to evolve, eventually becoming the de-facto standard for trade the world over. Its security features … Continue reading

4K or 2K Monitor – Which Should I Go For Better Gaming Experience?

4K or 2K Monitor

A few years ago, 4k monitors only affordable by “wealthy” gamers. However, with the technology advancement in today’s society, 4k monitor now almost affordable to anyone in general. This is quite true with regards to 4k Monitors and Graphic cards (GPU) as well. What we would have stated as a … Continue reading

Most 5 Useful Apps of Finger Biometric in SmartPhones

Finger Biometric in SmartPhones

Fingerprint scanners are no longer only owned by the rather expensive and high-tech circle of smartphones today. Mobile Biometric Authentication is possible now with several budget smartphones who pack the tech for fingerprint scanning these days. Now, you can download an App of Finger Biometric easily from an app store to make sure your phone … Continue reading

OxygenOS Open Beta 3 for the OnePlus 7 Series is Available

oneplus 7 series

OxygenOS Open Beta 3 for the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro Here is the latest open beta builds for the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro. Changelog System Added hide option in the Settings for Game Space (Game Space – Hide Game Space) Optimized GPS performance Improved system stability … Continue reading

Xiaomi EU Rom – Changelog 9.10.10


This Post is updated every Friday morning Xiaomi EU Roms are based on Xiaomi Official China Developer Rom without Chinese Apps and preinstalled google services and many tweaks…… What’s new in Xiaomi EU ROM 9.10.10 Xiaomi devises MI8, MI8Pro, MI8Explorer, MIX2S, MI9SE, HMK20 is expected to receive Android Q update … Continue reading