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4K or 2K Monitor – Which Should I Go For Better Gaming Experience?

4K or 2K Monitor

A few years ago, 4k monitors only affordable by “wealthy” gamers. However, with the technology advancement in today’s society, 4k monitor now almost affordable to anyone in general. This is quite true with regards to 4k Monitors and Graphic cards (GPU) as well. What we would have stated as a … Continue reading

How to Pick the Best Gaming Chair

As a gamer, one would know how much of an important part a chair plays in their lives. It’s not like we’re not obsessed with our consoles, hardware, etc., yet still, the essential component is often where we rest ourselves. However, investing in a high-quality and reliable gaming chair, like … Continue reading

5 Great Smart Home Security Gadgets you need right now

smart home

As technology travels faster than lightning, people are also keeping up with the fast-paced ride. After the rise of smartphones, smart homes are also placed in the high priority checklist.  With the alarming number of burglary, crimes, and attacks in homes, it’s no surprise why more and more people are … Continue reading

Samsung Level U Pro Review – A Collar-Style Wireless Headphone

Samsung Level U Pro

Samsung is the best and most renowned companies in the world. With every passing year, it tends to bring something new, full of unique features and excellence. Likewise, in August 2019, Samsung happened to launch “Samsung Level U Pro”, a total extravagance experience for those who want to stay in … Continue reading

8 Gadgets Every Household Should Have in 2019

Gadgets Every Household Should Have

Everyone desires their own space in which they can cherish their lives.After all, having our own personalized home gives us a sense of great achievement and it is the core of our family relationships and nostalgia.Whether it’s a small apartment or a full-fledged house — we want to make it … Continue reading

How Good Website Design Can help achieve your Business Goals

Nowadays it is important to cast a strong brand image to create a difference. As people have now more gravitated towards online businesses, business websites are required to be visually appealing to stand out. A website that is embellished with creative design elements generates a huge user attraction and assists … Continue reading

6 Best Dog Gadgets That Your Dog Will Definitely Love

Did you know that average Australians spend cross to $12.2 billion per year on their furry pets? These include dog toys, supplements, food, bed, bowl, and more. While the tech industry is also contributing to their innovative and practical products to make life with your dog more advanced. From pet … Continue reading