5 Content Marketing Trends You Need To Follow In 2019

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Content is the core of digital marketing because it actually establishes a relationship between the customers and your brand. It serves as the voice of your brand and makes it recognizable across the entire selling channels. It comes as no surprise that despite the use of advanced marketing tools, technologies, and strategies, content marketing still holds strong in the digital domain. However, you need to keep pace with the industry trends to get the best results from your strategy. Here are the trends that you need to follow in 2019 to stay on the top.

Originality and relevance

Not only Google, but the audience too looks for content that is original and relevant. While you can use fresh ideas to come up with engaging pieces, taking the help of professionals is also a good idea. Besides originality, you need to focus on content that is relevant. In this context, write-ups that address the pain points of the audience or offer valuable information will be prioritized as they show genuine interest in the audience. Further, it should be powerful enough to win the trust of the audience.

Voice optimization

Over the years, marketers have been focusing on creating keyword optimized content that ensures high search rankings. But with the advent of voice technology, keyword optimization has witnessed a paradigm shift. SEO experts at Submitcore recommend the optimization of content with conversational keywords that the users are most likely to speak as a part of their voice queries. These are usually in the form of questions that the speaker will ask rather than conventional keywords that are typed during text searches.


Besides voice optimization, video content is another raging trend of the year in the content marketing landscape. Without any doubt, the audience is more interested in seeing rather than reading. Leveraging product videos, brand stories, customer stories and how-to guides as videos posted on various video marketing channels is a great idea as these have the potential to engage and connect with the audience.


If you want to up your content marketing game in 2019, make storytelling a part of your strategy. Instead of bombarding the audience with random pieces of information stuffed with search keywords, create rich stories that connect your brand with the readers and build trust for your brand. In fact, brand storytelling should ideally cover your history, evolution, offerings and value that you serve to your customers through your products, services and experience.


Another trend that you cannot ignore this year is that of influencer marketing. Outreach specialists at OutreachMonks highlight the significance of identifying the best influencers in your niche and having your content published on their blogs. Since the audience trusts people more than brands, an influencer’s endorsement can do wonders for your online reach.

Following these latest trends in the industry can help you achieve excellent results with your content marketing strategy. At the same time, you should remember that the quality of content is paramount and will always be when it comes to acing the digital game and being trusted by your audience.

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