Is social media generating fake lives?

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As human beings, we are unique in our own special ways. Regardless of race, sex or originality, there is the one unique quality that defines your persona that is different from other people. No two people can be the same in their thoughts, ideas and mannerisms.

However, thanks to social media, we are suddenly beginning to lose our identities and originality. There is something nagging about social media that makes its users want to appear as celebrities out of the blue.

The need to feel important and get attention has been accentuated by social media. Typically, if a Facebook user uploads a photo that happens to get few likes; this could turn out to be a cause for feeling inadequate.

Social media has generated lives that are out of touch with reality. People want to appear to be happy, doing well financially and always in happy relationships even when it’s true that this doesn’t add up realistically.

Nowadays, it’s not just about fake celebrity lifestyles but fake news as well. Whether as a person or a brand, the need for social visibility has never been so high. Social media entrepreneurs realized the drift long ago and are now creating artificial followers and likes to meet this new need.

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Things we are faking on social media

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We may want to blame celebrities, and social media news feeds, but the fact is, we are our own worst enemies for distorting reality on social media. This new penchant to like and being liked has led to self-comparison with fake images that have been altered for public stints. Here is a list of images we are portraying on social media that are failing to rhyme with our real lives.

  • The foods we eat

We are now being forced to judge our dinner places because of the eateries posted on social media. Most of the time, we don’t give a damn about the foods we are eating or the places we eat from. We are always more concerned about getting food into our digestive system.

Because of social media, we now have the time to take pictures of foods that appear so decorated. We are also beginning to pay unnecessary attention to fancy places for eating that don’t count much in satisfying our hunger pangs.

  • Our party life
party life

Not all party functions you attend are superb. Some turn out to be outright disgusting. A boring environment, bad music, and unfriendly people could ruin your desire for a moment of bliss.

Even with such a background, photos posted on social media end up being the exact opposite of the nasty experiences one may have experienced at a party event. In reality, not all parties work out fine as planned or turn out glorious as they are portrayed on social media.

  • Relationships

As the perfect romance scenes witnessed in movies, social media is turning out to exhibit perfect romance and bliss in relationships. While this could be possibly true, not all images portrayed give a clear picture of what is going on behind the scenes.

We are not shown the brawl that took place last night or the boyfriend who got into the house dead drunk. Apart from those typical examples, very few social media users have the audacity to share with their friends the low point of their relationships.

  • Personal images

Social media life now makes everyone want to appear like an American movie star. A well-toned body, snow-white teeth and the perfect skin type are what people are running for. The craze behind this is to make you some kind of an icon on social media.

The downside to this is that one fails to get deep and well-meaning relationships as compared to real life. Stick to the simple and real you if you want people to be real with you.

  • A rare sense perfection
sumptuous meals

 Real life has a way of lifting the humble and downgrading the proud. Whether rich or poor, we are not immune to life’s misfortunes. That is not the trajectory portrayed on social media, however. We all want to post pictures of amazing foreign trips, lovely family times, sumptuous meals, and a nice time with friends.  Real life has a sense of balance. We should avoid the delusional sense of perfection that social media wants to put across.

  • Fitness

Losing weight and keeping fit is two important aspects of life everybody is concerned about. With the rising cases of lifestyle diseases, you want to stay fit by exercising more often.

Social media has taken the craze to keep fit to another new level. It is not uncommon to find fitness freaks on social media documenting every exercise they carry out daily. Adding your fitness regime to social media doesn’t count much in achieving the fitness you desire.

Social media is now turning out to be an approval site where users want to validate what they do with thousands of comments and likes.

  • Dieting

Dieting goes hand in hand with keeping fit and healthy. Dieting in itself is not easy as it calls for a strict food regime. Many dieters on social media may be doing it well but they are not ready to tell you their struggles in craving other foods out of their diet regime.

Most foods they post on social media are of their strict diets. As someone with the same ambitions, this may make you feel like an underachiever. That being said, there also a high chance you could be comparing yourself with what is non-existent.

Final thoughts

If you are a social media user, be wary of the fake social media life. Like a real-life community, you will come across several impostors and cons that have their own hidden agendas. Dare to be different by being real and avoiding the fake life everyone wants to portray on social media.

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