How to increase Instagram likes on even an awful post


Every single day, people ask lots of questions about Instagram and the question comes down to the old age question “How can I increase my Instagram likes?” The reason why people ask these questions is that they want engagement on their post and profile.

Most Instagram users find it hard to have real Instagram likes because they fail to pay attention to the basics and they pay attention to the more complicated things.

Instead of wasting your time on the wrong tips, why not spend some few on this page to read on how to increase Instagram likes on even an awful post.

Note; don’t just read the tips that will be shared in this article, ensure you implement them.

Use engaging captions

If you are not buying Instagram likes, one of the best ways to increase your Instagram likes is to use engaging and interesting captions.

Tip: Stay away from one word or single sentence captions and instead use more emotional captions that tell a story.

The essence of using engaging captions is to make your post relatable so you can get more likes.

Be yourself and share everything you know with your audience as it is a big factor that helps you get more likes on Instagram.

The bottom line: The perfect captions is always different for everyone, try out a few captions and see which attracts the audience attention. When you find the perfect caption, keep using it.

Add Geo Location to your post

This is one of the best tips to get more likes. The small “location” you add above your text is before you post on Instagram is the Geo-Location. Adding a location to your post allows people with a similar location to see your post and it significantly increases your number of likes.

Tip: You can add your current location or any other location of your choice, but you have to be strategic.

It’s advisable you choose the location where you have your target audience so you can reach the right people.

Note: Geotags are just like hashtags and they are shown in chronological order, so ensure you add them immediately you make the post.

Drop a comment and like other peoples post everyday

Instagram is a two-way street where things work in both directions. If you want to get more likes, be ready to spend time liking other peoples post. Liking their post doesn’t only show you support them, it will also encourage the person to check out your post and give back some few likes.

Note: Even if you buy likes at affordable prices from https://friendlylikes.com/ with their totally organic-looking boosts, it is crème to like and drop comments on other peoples post. Doing this will improve your algorithm because Instagram wants to be sure you are real.

Tag relevant accounts in your posts

Tagging relevant brand and people in your post are similar to giving such brand a shoutout. Even if you buy real Instagram likes, tagging them to your post allows them to receive a notification which might grab their attention.

If your post grabs the attention of the tagged account, the user might like your recent post and some previous posts too.

Note: It is advisable that you don’t tag accounts that are irrelevant to your post because it may be regarded as spam.

Buy real Instagram likes

If you want to win big, you need to adopt the best techniques. Buying Instagram likes will also help you get more real likes on your post. No matter how awful your post is, buying Instagram likes will get you the desired result.

The biggest advantage is that you will not only get more likes, but you will also generate more traffic to your Instagram profile.

Note: Buying real Instagram likes will cost you money but it works best to help you get more likes and traffic. Every serious-minded person that wants more likes on Instagram will invest in Instagram likes without giving it a second thought.

Other tips that can help you get more Instagram likes even on an awful post include:

  • Consistent posting
  • Doing giveaways
  • Doing shoutout to your favorite brand
  • Making effective use of the Instagram story
  • Using the right hashtags

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