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What often worries people most about VPNs is the danger that they might be insecure. However, Ivacy VPN first and foremost rests on the principle that all of its users are entitled to absolute privacy. It prides itself on ensuring the security of its customers. Because of this, Ivacy VPN ensures a watertight system by using a number of different methods.

Firstly, the system hides your IP address . An IP address is used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to track the location of your device. By obscuring this, Ivacy ensures that your location remains private and protects your anonymity completely. Because your activity cannot be monitored by ISPs, it also cannot be followed by the government. This gives you total internet freedom.

Secondly, Ivacy VPN uses a 256-bit Data Encryption, which makes it near impossible for cybercriminals to hack into your activities and steal your data. This means that you can do your online shopping or consume entertainment sites, where you might have to enter financial details or use online banking, secure in the knowledge that you are fully protected.

Finally, Ivacy VPN’s Internet Kill Switch provides the ultimate defense. Of course, security is reliant on the VPN connection being sustained at all times. Should this ever become disconnected, your device is exposed to a host of threats? The Internet Kill Switch immediately terminates all internet activities, meaning that even when at your most vulnerable, Ivacy ensures your protection.

Importantly, all of these intense security measures do not slow down the VPN service. In fact, Ivacy VPN offers the fastest VPN service in the world. This is shown by their 2019 BEST VPN award for Best Speed. Of course, internet speed is somewhat contingent on the strength of your personal internet connection. However, compared to all other VPN providers, Ivacy VPN is absolutely the fastest provider there is.

Another great thing about this service is that Ivacy is one of the easiest to use VPN provider to date. Even for those that struggle with technology, Ivacy VPN is highly accessible. This provides a refreshing departure from the usual VPN providers, which often overcomplicate the service and make it difficult to access. By contrast, the Ivacy desktop app is very user friendly, as it is laid out clearly and offers a straightforward way to access and navigate the system.

Better still, should you find any difficulty in accessing the VPN service, the dedicated Ivacy support team are always on hand to sort out any problems you might have. They are efficient and knowledgeable and deal with problems quickly and easily through the live chat service, which is available for use 24/7. Equally, if you don’t fancy talking to one of the team, you can simply open up the “Support” tab on Ivacy VPN home page. This takes you to hundreds of articles and frequently asked questions and answers, and plenty of articles to give you all the information that you might need.

So, we’d say that Ivacy VPN’s speed, security, support, and accessibility make it a very attractive VPN provider that we’d highly recommend.

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