Stay secure and private while using public WiFi with a VPN


Those who are often on the road know the problem: you can get free WiFi in many places, but what about security?

Basically, it is strongly recommended to be careful when using unknown WiFi or networks. You never know how secure the WIFI is or what information the provider logs.

Many WiFi is unencrypted, so you should be particularly careful here, as the provider and possibly other users may log your Internet traffic.

If you work remotely with your notebook trough WIFI it’s always better to use a VPN browser extension. Here you can read more about the best free VPN extension for Google chrome to protect your data and online privacy.

Your online security while traveling

On the way its better to use a VPN service, which encrypts all network traffic and routes it through the server of the VPN service. This way a snooper in the WIFI will see only the encrypted data.

Although https:// connections are already encrypted, the VPN service encrypts all connections. This includes Messenger, Skype, Mail, and all other applications. You don’t have to worry about whether the current WIFI connection is secure or not. Even your own Internet provider can no longer track your online activity.

Often certain services in public WIFI are also blocked or restricted. For example, in many countries, a lot of apps can be blocked or restricted. With a VPN service, you can use the internet and all popular services without any restrictions.

Using web services with geo-blocking

Thanks to VPN, international web services can also be used. VPN providers usually offer many servers worldwide, so that you can also use video services, for example, which are not offered in your own country. However, services like Disney+ take action against such uses and regularly deny VPN users access. Some online stores are even cheaper if you access them from a supposedly different country with less purchasing power.

Security and functions of the VPN provider

Since all network traffic is routed through the VPN provider, it is very important that the provider is trusted and it doesn’t keep any log files. A good VPN provider offers not only numerous VPN servers worldwide, but also guarantees anonymity. This means that the provider itself does not create log files or at least deletes them quickly. In addition, the connection or the provider’s servers should offer enough speed and bandwidth, as all traffic is encrypted and routed through the VPN servers.

When we are on the road today with a large number of devices, appropriate apps and configuration guides for mobile devices should also be available. This will then also ensure mail retrieval and surfing on the smartphone.


RUSVPN – free VPN + premium service

RUSVPN is the best decision for your online safety while traveling. The entry is free in the form of browser plugins for Firefox and also Google Chrome. Download the best free extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox – get more benefits and protect your online privacy while traveling with RUSVPN

As a basic function, the plugin establishes free VPN connections to numerous servers. One-click in the browser and the connection runs encrypted over the provider’s VPN servers.

The paid variant offers apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile devices such as iPhone or Android and also configurations for routers. With these apps, every connection is then encrypted. The VPN can then be easily activated and deactivated again. The price starts from only 2.99$ per month (one coffee cup)- quite a chip price for such good service.

Paying users can also use all servers from afar and switch back and forth between the servers at any time. The manufacturer does not create log files, so no data can be released to third parties.

RUSVPN offers also one of the highest speeds on the VPN market. During the tests, the speed of the free servers was very good and both surfing and downloads went off without losses, here are speed test results:

Rusvpn Test Results

Conclusion about VPN usage

Use VPN access predominantly to be anonymous and secure in public and unprotected WIFI networks. This will allow you to use sensitive services such as e-mail, online banking, and web services without the risk in case if the WIFI network operator or other users sniffing out your private data. Although this costs a few dollars a month, it will be considerably more expensive if your bank account data or other important data will be lost.

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