8 Best Applications that ease your Business Operations

Business Operations
Business Operations
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Technology today makes the world go round. When you run a business, whether big or small, the additional help of the latest technologies that can aid your business functions is truly a bonus. The good thing is that now there are all sorts of applications that help with the diverse sorts of business tasks of every day. From time management to communication to organizing and accounting, all functions of a business can be fully regulated through the latest technological innovations. A business is pulled in multitudes of several directions at once, and keeping track of each can be hard. Using applications in your business can ensure that you are implementing productivity to the highest level. Here are eight applications that can ease your business operations to great lengths.


Taking care of the expenses of a business can be a real struggle. Expensify is an application that can prove to be a very useful one in regulating the expenses of your business. Apart from helping you with managing daily day-to-day expenditures, it can also help you work out necessary details such as your tax returns. You can keep storing original receipts onto this application each month. It can help you keep your accounting operations fully updated virtually. A great thing about this application is that it stores all your data, which makes it easier for businesses to make their end of year reports. This application is also very cost-effective in terms of other accounting applications that are available out there.

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This has to be the best management application that has ever been created by experts. It takes into account every minuscule detail of the management side of the business operations and fully helps you in making sure that the functions are easier. It offers great options like the control of operations, live tracking, planning staff requirements, tracing attendance, and many more great features. It can help you simplify the signing in process for your staff. The visitor management app helps in creating reminders for important things that can aid your staff in making sure they are competent and always one step ahead. It has countless things to offer starting right from report management to other business operations; it takes care of almost anything and everything.


This is another accounting application that can be of great use for businesses that want to smooth out the financial operations. Quickbooks accounting software can regulate the overall financial health of your business. It allows you to connect your banking and other financial details to this application while keeping a steady eye on the crediting and debiting activities. From it, you can track your sales and expenses to great depth. It can help you view the business’ financial statements, such as the profit and loss reports, to ensure that you do not face any kind of accounting glitches in the long run. You can access it from your Ipad, desktop, or even your phone to make sure that everything is running in order.


I think this is one application that all of us use, whether in business or in general. A complete package rolled into one, and the Office365 offers three major applications, including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. The greatest thing about this particular application is that everything runs from the cloud and is also saved to the cloud. You can access all your important meeting documents, sheets, or presentations from anywhere in the world by just logging in. Is it not fascinating how technology has made things easier? It is compatible with other cloud providers such as Google Drive, which makes it completely versatile and useful in every way. You can share important details about meetings and projects through Office365, which makes your business operations much easier.


What is the one issue that you come across in a business? For me, it has to be time management for my staff and myself. To help eliminate the problem surrounding time, RescueTime is an excellent time management application that smoothens your business operations. This can support you in breaking down your time spent on doing various activities. With it, you can help your staff regulate their productivity by spending controlled amounts of time doing important things. Everyone procrastinates, and RescueTime is the savior that can assist you in countering this issue effectively. It sets time slots for work and leisure that keep notifying you about your activity. This is a great advantage in business operations as it can ensure that the deadlines are met.


Payment hurdles in your business can highly affect your operations. Delay in payments can sometimes make your functions come at a standstill. PayPal has become one of the most preferred types of payment methods over the last few years. This payment portal has changed the basics for many online businesses with its simple to use features and adaptability. The integration into payment gateways has been made so much easier with PayPal that it requires only little details to set up processing. It gives your business a very smooth credit-servicing route in place of processes that have endless procedures. 


Trello is a very easy to use project management application that can be beneficial for your business. In the times when a special project is coming up, and you might need a team to head it, then Trello can be of great help. It can track your team’s workflow to keep you in the loop on how much each individual is doing. By creating cards on a Trello board, you can assign tasks to your team members and give them deadlines to complete it. All activities done on the board and card are notified to each member by making sure that they are up to date. This comes in very handy to manage tasks and projects of high importance.

RingCentral Office

RingCentral Office is a very desirable communication application that can help your business operations in many ways. This application is made of technology, which gives you a cloud-based phone system that is also constructed around business services. It delivers a Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS), which means it can give you an approach to a developer network. This further permits you to use APIs to modify and assimilate your phone system with other software that you use. This really is a very interesting application that can ease business operations. 


Technology today is shaping the various business operations that go around. With the help of applications, you can take care of every aspect of business operations. They can provide you with better efficiency and make sure that all the targets set for the business are achieved promptly. 

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