5 Best Time Management Apps for your Android Device

Time Management App For Android Device
Time Management App For Android Device


Time is one thing; we use the worst, yet we yearn to have more of it. That’s because a lot of us fail to utilize this resource in a meaningful way. While those who have achieved remarkable goals follow the golden rule of using time in the best ways possible.

Nature has blessed us all with 24 hours each day. It’s up to us how we make the most out of it. Indeed, time management is an art that you must learn if you want to achieve your milestones.

In this regard, it is important to discuss how tech advancements can help us out. We are standing at a juncture where technology is making a significant impact on all aspects of our life. At the same time, it is also creating distractions that act as barriers to productivity. A recent study shows the workers end up wasting 3.9 hours each week as they indulge in “so-called” mental health breaks – streaming Youtube and surfing through social media.

However, it is not fair to put all the blame on technology. If used with wisdom, we can reap maximum rewards from the current digital landscape. Besides making our tasks automated, technology can also help us to structure our days better. There are specific programs that help us divide our time and use it with purpose.

As the developers started to realize that people are looking for ways to weed out daily distractions from their life, they knew that they could suffice for this need. Hence, new apps appeared on the surface. Right now, Google store is home to more than 2 million applications. That gives you a wide spectrum of choices.

To save your time reviewing all apps, we have rounded up a list of time-management apps on Android that has the most potential. So let’s have a look:

  • RescueTime

There are moments when distractions catch you on a solid web, and you have no realization of it. That’s where RescueTime comes to escape you. It is a time-tracking application that records how and where you are spending your time. The app studies your virtual activity and gives you a weekly report. It indicates things that are stealing away your time. 

As of now, this app has 2 million users across the globe, and they have logged into this website for more than 1.4 billion hours. Also, the fact that this app has featured in famous publications like Harvard Business Review speaks for its popularity.

There is an option to set up alarms to notify if you are spending more than usual time on social media or a gaming application. It can even block the websites where you potentially end up wasting hours of your precious time.

  • Timely

Timely is the latest time-tracking and scheduling app. It keeps track of how much time you spend on a project, and it also helps to organize your hours. It comes in handy when you have limited or no idea of how to divide your work hours.

The app studies your workweek. Then, it allows you to estimate the time you need to devote to work and how much to tackle the daily responsibilities. This app also enables you to track billable and non-billable hours. It has an AI-assisted time log and fully automated timesheets. Designed by Memory, this app gives you the superpowers you need to balance your time.

  • Hub staff

Hub staff is a cool tool that tracks time like a pro. It consumes low storage space, but the functions it performs are quite impressive. It is suitable for employees and the managers, both. It gives them control over their operations, helping them to streamline their work efficiently.

Since 2012, this app has targeted a broad sector of the market. More than 8000 agencies, law firms, and e-commerce sites are using Hub staff to maximize their productivity. You can manage your team remotely using its simple interface. And you can easily automate things that consume time.

Although monitoring gets smooth through such apps, we recommend you to check the reviews of every app that you plan to install. For instance, if you want to install Hookt, you must study the user feedback and Airg App reviews to make an informed decision. Leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring the security and efficiency of the apps.

  • Focus@Will

Maximize your time and optimize your productivity using this new app, Focus@Will. Science proves how soothing sounds can help to uplift devotion to work. Will Tottle, mental health expert and author of the article series Mind Boosting Benefits, states that individuals with specific tendencies feel greatly motivated when listening to music.

According to this company, there is a specific kind of music that will help each individual to enter into their “flow state.” The fact that three neuroscientists developed this app makes it all the more credible. The app also asks you to provide brief information about yourself. Using this info, the program designs a customized playlist for you.

Your energy level gets surprisingly higher, and you will be able to put all your attention to work.

  • Asana

Asana is the task-management app. It caters to individuals as well as whole teams. You can keep track of your day-to-day activities with this application. It helps you meet deadlines with prior notifications.

When the teams start using this app, it helps them to accomplish their targets on time. The app also sets reminders for team leaders. They can call up and ask participants to finish their work on time. It is majorly used by groups to manage their projects. The platform provides to follow up on the projects is pretty convenient.

The basic version of Asana is free for 15 team members or fewer. But you need to purchase the premium if you want to use it for a larger group. Besides Asana, some other apps in the market will also add massive value to your business.

Keep Going!

In light of our research and after studying all apps in the market, we have reached upon the conclusion that time is, indeed, money in the present age. You will stumble and fail if you do not speed up your pace. So, get the necessary gear and uncover the true potential in you.

Are you ready to jump in the virtual pool and start your race against time? Enlighten us with your opinions.

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