Inwaya – Cassette Tapes, Made into Unique Functional Art


Inwaya is a concept founded by Wayne Campbell, an IT expert, in which he transforms traditional cassette tapes into unique functional art.

Campbell uses steel wire, clocks, and audio cassettes to create unique characters that double up as cassette clocks and desk organizers. Inwaya products are designed to perform many functions and offer incredible benefits for users. These products are an artful depiction of various characters that users can identify with. They also present an excellent way to express personality, keep track of time, and stay organized in your home, office, or any other space.


These handmade characters by Inwaya are made up of the following components: a head made of a cassette tape, eyes made of quartz analog clocks, and wire formed an animated figure. The characters are implanted on a rubberized non-slip display stand. The desk organizer comes with a pen & pencil organizer and storage case.

Who is Inwaya for?

Inwaya products are meant for anyone who loves pieces of art that combine a retro style, functional art, and of course, people who like to stay organized. These products are perfect for a wide range of spaces including; offices, homes, teacher’s desks, craft rooms, and many more. Some of the people who may find Inwaya products absolutely functional include; gift shop owners, cassette tape fans, office workers, promoters, culture lovers, and many more. The list is endless.

Key features

Dual time functions

The Inwaya clock provides dual time functions and comes with a battery-operated quartz clock inserts that are interchangeable. The clocks can be customized with interchangeable magnetic strips to incorporate expressions that match your personality. They come in different solid and transparent colors, allowing you to choose the best characters that match your style. The interchangeable design of the clock inserts coupled with the perfect depth of the cassettes allows for easy insertion and removal of clock modules. Therefore, you’ll be able to replace the clock modules or batteries without any hassle.


The clocks feature a thin profile and compact size, allowing users to benefit from space efficiency. This means the characters won’t take up much space on your desk.


Unique character personalities

Inwaya’s four unique character personalities include MC Rewind, Ghost Shadow, Superbad, and Lightnin. Each character represents a unique personality allowing you to choose one that you identify with. These characters feature interchangeable graphics, making them ideal marketing items for your brand. The backside of the cassette tapes can be branded to promote artists, bands, or corporate brands. The humorous Inwaya characters really connect with people, especially the 80s and 90s culture lovers, as well as people who want to add personality to their space.

Selling points

The selling points of Inwaya products include: handmade, nostalgic materials, quirky and humorous feeling, unique dual time zone clock, desk organizer for pens, and included a display stand.

Last Word

Inwaya products are great for people who are passionate about cassettes, culture, music, and the expression each figure represents. They provide a tangible way to express your interest. Simply put, Inwaya products are practical and beautiful timepieces that combine art, functionality, and humor.

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