Globalize your NFT marketplace development – How to monetize your ideal NFT platform?

Globalize your NFT marketplace development

The dramatic rise of the crypto market is all thanks to the constantly productive element, NFTs. Non-Fungible Tokens have stayed relevant over the recent years, for they are already worth billions of dollars. A countless number of NFTs are being created, listed, bought, sold, and auctioned on the NFT marketplace on a daily basis. This has been on the undivided attention of the tech geeks, awing enthusiasts with a whopping highest market value to be ever recorded, $41 billion, just this year. Ponder the coming years. Treat for enthusiasts who desire an enthralling NFT marketplace development .

NFT market analytics – What are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) 

If you are an avid fan of cryptos and NFTs, you must know about the reports released about the global NFT market. According to Coin Telegraph, $131 billion of capitalization by 2028 is expected, calculated by the reach of digital assets today. 

NFTs, are digital assets that are developed over blockchain technology, providing the artists and the creators with proof of ownership. That is, an NFT is indivisible, immutable, and unique to each other, making them non-exchangeable but traded for cryptocurrencies. With such qualities in place, they have reached a place in mainstream commerce, enticing several entrepreneurs and corporates to investors to create an NFT marketplace of their own. 

Some of the most traded NFT marketplaces are, OpenSea, Raible, Axie Infinity, NBA Top Shots, and many more, contributing to the future success of NFTs. This blog, going further, will unleash the architecture of a marketplace, NFT marketplace development, and the revenue model for sky-reaching profits!

NFT marketplaces and the leading platform

NFT marketplace, where the trading of digital assets occurs, is developed upon a blockchain network that provides the utmost security and transparency. Here, the user can easily mint, buy and sell rarely-made assets for much higher prices with smart contracts. There are two types of marketplaces in the industry, general marketplaces, and niche-specific marketplaces. 

  • Rarible
  • OpenSea 
  • CryptoPunk
  • SuperRare
  • Nifty Gateway

Scope of NFT marketplaces in 2023 

Metaverse and web3, in general, are gaining attention from the public for their quirky launches with futuristic benefits. We can positively affirm that the future is going to revolve around digital development. According to several reports, these cryptographic assets will be performing like building blocks, taking the billion-dollar market a notch higher to a trillion. With many developments that are dependent on the assets are emerging. For instance, the NFT-based DApps, crypto exchange platforms, and various other NFT platforms. If you ask me if it is worth diving into this spectacular market of constant revenue in 2023, the answer is a big YES! If you agree, then the next section is for you. 

Steps to create an NFT marketplace that is pliant 

The success of the NFT marketplace depends on having a clear plan penned out, with its USP, the niche, and, most importantly, the NFT marketplace development company. 

  • Develop an NFT marketplace ground up 
  • Develop an NFT marketplace with a customizable White-label solution

While the first one is pretty much self–explanatory, they are to be developed from scratch. That is from building a sustainable blockchain to a functioning platform that brings in profits incessantly. The second one, though equally strenuous, they give you an assurance to have seasoned developers are taking over the platform’s progress. The following section expounds on purposeful phases involved in an NFT marketplace development with a white-label solution. 

  • The first step is to decide on a niche, which will narrow down the target audience for much better reach. These NFTs can be digital arts, game characters, arsenals, content, etc. 
  • Blockchain, with multiple alternatives available in the market, taking this step is crucial for it is going to work on back-end operations. That is they make the platform decentralized, immutable, traceable, interoperable, and many more. A few blockchains that are preferred for niche-specified marketplaces are Ethereum, Polygon, Cardano, etc., for their affordability.
  • Smart contract development for an NFT marketplace can be critical, as they will work on making the platform automated. These pre-set codes are self-executing, with which the users can meet all the trading requirements with just these pre-determined conditions. However, testing the smart contract for any errors or loopholes is always a good move!
  • The UI/UX development of the platform is essential for the interaction and usability of the platform. With its intuitive designs, this UI / UX development attracts an audience without which platform engagement is impossible, regardless of its attractive benefits. 
  • Crypto Wallet integration to the platform is necessary to help store, trade, and transfer the NFT from one to another or even platforms. MetaMask, and TrustWallet, are the most feature-filled wallet available for a high-degree customized marketplace.
  • The platform’s revenue model must be set to gain profits. The cryptopreneur can earn monetary benefits by proceeding in setting the platform’s five major revenue streams. The entry fees, listing fees, Minting fees, Bidding fees, and Transaction fees. 
  • Testing the final product of the NFT marketplace is a mandatory process as it will ensure the platform is error-free and free of bugs. Following this, the project can be launched to the server for trading the intriguing NFT Collections. 

Closing Thoughts

The primary goal and the end goal of any business are to make the business bring profit that is unparalleled. Monetizing your NFT marketplace is extremely important as they are going to decide on your growth in the crypto world. Ideally, for the platform that holds the NFT worth millions of dollars, the creators will have to pay profitable commissions to the platform owners, followed by effective marketing.

In conclusion, to create an NFT marketplace that is bringing millions, capital invested plays a significant role. And as per the market analysis, if you are planning to offer a simple marketplace with a white-label solution and minimal customization, they might cost approximately anywhere from $30,000, and if the degree of customization is complex, it might cost you $200,000 and more. (all prices in approximation). Love a business space bringing you millions? Ponder an NFT marketplace development up your lane!

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