Amazing SEO Facts

SEO Facts

SEO is one of the words that is ruling the marketing industry. No one goes and looks for products in the shop anymore. They search for it in Google, and they won’t even care to check the second page. You need to be first and best. So to be the best, you need good SEO. Investing in the right SEO will yield you the best results. How many websites, eCommerce sites, and small businesses are aware of the guaranteed SEO and have started to make it right? But SEO is more than ever. Let’s look at the fascinating SEO facts that will amaze your mind.

What Are SEO And The Facts About It?

SEO is nothing but Search Engine Optimization. Many eCommerce websites, small businesses, and huge organizations have websites, in which they elaborate on their services and products. They try to showcase the best about them in the outlook of the website. But it all will go in vain if they don’t focus on the right SEO. It is essential to look for the right SEO skills. The growth of SEO over the period shows its use and its benefits. And there is no surprise that it is that popular but a few facts about SEO will amaze you. Let’s see the top SEO facts.

Three-quarters of SEO Is Off-Page

Creating new and unique content for your page is something that makes your page valid. It is essential to look after these things. But can you believe whatever content you create will, and only have 25% of Google ranking? But the right SEO skills and tools will create a win-win situation for your website. So three-quarters of the SEO is off-page and Off-page means getting things like backlinks from reputable websites linking to that piece of content.

Slow Loading Website

Who wants to wait on a buffering page? Sure the generation has no patience to wait on a site that keeps on loading. The world is running so faster, they can’t sit and stare at anything. Especially a website that loads. Almost 40% of the searchers will exit from your page if it has a slow loading. Within that seconds, they will go and look at the other page. And end up losing your valuable customers. So ensure to have a fast-loading page and this will fastly increase your business. It is not a stunning fact, it is acceptable. But still can’t accept these small things that will affect your website traffic.

Website Are not Content-Driven

If you search for a product in the search engine, the first page will only have the 20% of websites, and pages are content driven. Working on the right content and unique content will attract the audience. But the Search engine on the first page shows ads, for example, Amazon and eBay, two hugely popular shopping channels that consistently rank highly. The two notable exceptions to this are Wikipedia and YouTube. SEO guarantee can be varied because of this factor. Let’s not forget that.

Ways to Increase Your Site Ranking

SEO helps in increasing the website’s optimization. Let’s see the top ways to enlarge your site rankings.

Publish Relevant Content

Content is king. It is not just suitable for movies and series. The content is something that drives a person and audience towards you. Over the years, the job opportunities and chances for content creators and content writers is much more positive. It’s because every company and organization has clearly now focused on the website’s outlook and design.

And in a website, the relevance of the content is essential. It is going to make the audience stay and get to know you. If not, they will exit your page and go to another page. Selling a product or service can only be done when they can make their website perfect. Your website is the invitation that makes the audience know you and come to you. Hence make sure the website has relevant content.


You will be providing an infinite number of services. You will be good at something, and you need to convey something to the audience about you apart from the things. If you are going to put all these details on the website, then the website will look dumped and confused. But by providing worthy Hyperlinks, you can put up all the needed info, and at the same time, these redirecting links will increase the impressions on your website. They will know all your services about you.

Your customer reviews, special appreciation. This not only improves search engine optimization but also adds value to your readers, including those with disabilities or who are using screen readers. An SEO company helps you by providing the best ways to increase your website traffic.


SEO is the new age marketing tool, that is cost-efficient and the best way. These stunning factors about SEO prove it.

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