5 Apps That Add Massive Value to Your Business

5 Apps That Add Massive Value to Your Business

In this challenging world, a business owner plays a strategic visionary role & deals with multiple business functions at the same time. In fact, sometimes he acts as a financial advisor, negotiator; & the other minute, he has to play the role of a marketing manager, logistics manager & whatnot. He has to be a jack of all trades in order to manage & oversee abundant functions. Well, it is not that hard but there are a few tips & tricks to be aware of.

As a team lead for business, there are lots of responsibilities, milestones, & tasks to be accomplished to get better results in business growth. For this purpose, owners are keenly interested in the performance & activities of their employees during office hours. There are some incredible mobile apps that keep them up-to-date with all essential aspects of a business.

Such useful apps are listed below. Let’s get started.

1.   Kanbanflow

Kanbanflow is a project management tool to streamline your daily tasks. It helps you to organize & maximize the team’s productivity. It performs the functions of task assignment, file sharing, file uploading, scheduling tasks & monitoring the progress report. Moreover, you can divide your activities into tasks & sub-tasks to track the performance of employees. 

Main Points

  • With the help of stopwatches, timers you can track your time spent on a specific activity, On the other hand, you can also log in to track the time spent on each report
  • Instant availability of all team members is the most important feature of this app which keeps you up-to-date on all the activities of your team
  • Kanbanflow mobile app is available on Google Play Store

2.   Rescue Time

Your most important asset is your time & it is difficult to utilize it productively. Rescue Time App tracks your time spent on apps & websites. It generates a detailed report of your activities throughout the day. Moreover, it notifies you about the tasks & provides a complete picture of your whole day.

Main Points

  • Activity alert setting to spend a certain time on a particular activity is the major function of this app.
  • Highlights the tasks of the day with a complete report of your time spent on emails, projects, & meetings.
  • It helps to concentrate on relevant tasks by blocking irrelevant or distracting websites.
  • It is compatible with  Mac, PC, Android, & Linux
  • You will have complete control to measure & pause your activities anytime

3.   Asana

Asana is a work management application that allows its users to quickly manage tasks & to-do list for business growth. It additionally allows the manager or the team to lead to head all the tasks & get updates from the teammates without wasting time to conduct long meetings.  This App can help us in the following ways.

Main Points

  • It helps to reduce manual tasks which also reduces the errors & ultimately saves time
  • It converts the long term goals into workable plans to achieve the higher level targets
  • Furthermore, Asana is also available in a free version for limited features whereas, you can also get the complete access of the App at a very nominal price

4.   QuickBooks Payroll for Employers

QuickBooks is a business productivity App that facilitates the employers in terms of record-keeping of the employees, online payment of wages, payment of federal taxes, filing of tax returns, estimation of deductions & benefits & hiring of new staff. All in all, this app saves the cost of hiring permanent managers for the business owners & allows the employer to conduct various financial & HR responsibilities in their spare time.  

Main Points

  • It is only compatible with the handset & effortlessly calculates your payrolls & taxes.
  • The apps also give complete details of benefits & deductions from the payroll of employees
  • It generates PDF reports, autopilot payroll, & digital signatures, etc.

5.   Todoist

Todoist is the most reliable App to enlist your day-to-day activities. It helps you organize your goings-on & collaborates with your team without wasting time in review meetings. It sets out the deadline for your content transfer for co-workers & schedules all the tasks with reminders & updates. Let’s have a look at the main features of this app.

Main Points

  • Todoist can manage your tasks & set out the goals with reminders to facilitate you as well as your team members in performing a specific activity
  • It also tracks the progress of your goals & provides timely updates on your progress
  • It enables you to stay focused on your activities with a proper checklist & reading list

 Wrapping up

All the apps discussed above are paramount for any business & provide ease to handle routine tasks & activities. Moreover, most of these apps are mobile sets compatible with complete control in the hands of the owner. So go ahead, take a leap of faith & add these massive productivity apps to grow your business.


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