Avoid Mobile App Mistakes That Collapse Your App Retention Rate

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App Retention Rate

The mobile app retention rate is one of the most effective and honest ways to measure the overall health of the business app. It helps businesses to know whether the app is achieving success or facing a lot of difficulty in the app stores. According to a Statista report , 43% of app users abandon the app just after one month of downloading it whereas around 68% of them abandon it after three months, the global abandon rate of applications by 2019 was 25% as most of the users uninstall the app only after using it for once.

List of Elements That Help You to Keep Up Your App Retention Rate  

Retention rate is one of the best indicators to indicate your app’s success, it is better than going with app downloads because app downloads do not show exact active users who are using your app currently. But with the help of the app retention rate, you can easily know the number of active users and can put further efforts to increase the number of active users and also put your emphasis on plummeting your app retention rate. 

The app retention rate is also a better indicator of the health of your app than engaging with more customers. User engagement rates can differ as per the category of your app. this rate indicates whether your app is stable or shrinking or growing on the app store, all these fluctuations totally depend on the strategy you follow for marketing your app and also on decisions that you make for your business app. 

Consider App Retention for Developing the App  

Almost 21% of users abandon app just after launching it on their device. Today users do not like to stick to one application as they have many options to choose from, if they found that your application is not performing best on their device then without thinking for a minute they will instantly remove the app from their device and will download the other that serves the same purpose. Hence businesses must consider app retention rate while developing an app, you must ask the developers to develop such an application that helps you to serve in the best way to your ideal customers wherever they want the service similar to yours. 

Features Stuffed App

While developing the application keep in mind that most the customers don’t like such an application that is overloaded with features. You can include those features which are necessary for your app and avoid the rest which is useless. For example, while developing the uber clone app(which follows uber) you can add some of the advance and useful features like multiple payments, rating & review, SOS panic button, fare estimate, and more. By doing so you can help your customers to make clear decisions because if your app is stuffed with features then they will get confused and make faulty decisions. 

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Lack of Unique & Relevant Content

Most businesses do not pave attention to offering relevant and unique content for their apps. They need to understand that if the users will not get the information about the purpose of your app then how can they use it, hence they must try to provide unique and relevant content to the users that clearly describe the purpose of the app and offer all the essential information related to it. They must also see that users are provided with all the basic information related to your business like address, contact numbers, etc. This information can help the user to contact you easily in case of any emergency or query they face while operating the app. 

App Crashes

Approximately 16% of users try those apps that are crashing more than once or twice, but most of the users avoid using such an application. They only prefer those applications that perform well on their device and avoid those which offer a poor user experience. Hence if you want that your app should not to be removed from the user’s device then you must make sure that it performs well on their device every time they use it. 

Address User Issues

Businesses who are aiming that their app must succeed in the app store must always try to address all the issues of the users. They can check reviews and feedback of the users on the play store as well as the app store about their app, after going through it, make sure that you take those feedback and reviews into consideration to make your app better for their use. If you do not take their feedback into consideration and offer them a better solution then they will definitely move their head to another solution that serves the same purpose as your app serves. 

Ending Note

When you’re trying to improve your app retention rate it becomes mandatory for you to pay attention to the requirement of the users. The users are the one who is going to use your application hence try to develop the one that satisfies all the criteria of the users. If your app will satisfy all their needs then they will surely use it whenever they want to avail the service your offer to them.  

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