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With each new year, there comes a recurring question to which the answer is awaited eagerly by all those in the mobile application development market: What’s going to happen this year in the realm of mobile app development, and what trends will materialize?

Understanding what is going to happen and making prior adjustment may be all that stands between you and success, so it is imperative that as a mobile app developer or marketer you can know just what it is that makes this year different. With that goal in mind, this article will attempt to lay down just how you can stay ahead of the game. The following are our predictions for all of you in the mobile realm in 2019.

  1. Everything is going to get faster

What is often the norm with new years is that we expect everything to get better and quicker.

Rarely does that ever happen in other aspects of life but with mobile applications that is almost always the case? 2019 brings with itself, new hardware and software which has a singular aim: complete things in the blink of an eye. Add to the impending shift towards 5G and what we should expect is a massive change in the way we operate. What it means is that you can expect more and more users to become accustomed to swift service and recognition.

In this environment, losing or gaining a user can depend upon the speed of your software. Mobile app developers and marketers must put the pace at the forefront of their design and ensure that their customers and consumers can rely on the software to get the job done quickly and without unnecessary delays.

This will also open up new avenues for Development such as video game streaming and instant virtual reality connectivity which means developers will be able to work and create software that would not have been possible before so you may need to put forward more creative ideas to ensure you stay atop the climb.

2. An increase in VR and AR

The introduction of virtual and augmented realities has changed the game. Now users have embraced the idea of a world where they can transcend their physical limitations through the use of such software. We expect that to continue this year and with more experienced players like Google trying their hand at it, we can finally see the mainstream commercialization of the devices.

Mobile application developers will be expected to create and develop apps that offer VR compatibility, whereas those that work on more entertainment-oriented applications like video games may provide augmented reality games like Pokemon Go.

Marketers must realize the potential that the VR and AR software has and use the appeal they have generated among users to make the perfect pitch. Keeping in mind the needs of users, developers will also be expected to make virtual software that is capable of adapting to the needs of its consumers and which offers the best of experiences without the problems usually associated with the devices such as nausea and user incompatibility.

3. The Increased Popularity of the Internet of Things

The internet of things is not a new idea, but with rampant technological progress, this may be the year that it finally takes hold of most households. With devices like Alexa and Google Home already present that offer the ability to control multiple features around your own home, users are increasingly being accustomed to having one application that does their jobs for them. Marketers must look to this and use it to their advantage by making sure that their ability to create applications capable of multitasking is communicated to users.

Developers must also offer new and advanced functions that distinguish them from the competition. Usually, applications have a set number of tasks and devices they can connect with, but the creation of a genuinely universal software is not that far off, and developers must work to guarantee that they do not wander far off.

4. More Business Minded Applications

With the recent surge in popularity of e-commerce applications and digital currency, many can see that the future of capitalism is digital. Hence marketers and developers must create more and more applications that can offer transactions and storage of money without the hassle of going to do it physically.

Marketers must work to guarantee security, reliability, and efficiency, whereas developers can expect a more thinking populace that will scrutinize every aspect of their application, thereby making it necessary to create reliable software.

There may also be a shift towards market forecast and business speculation applications which, when added with the increased speed on offer may be a lucrative prospect.

5. Personalized Applications

The original idea of the digital market was to produce generalized applications that offered something for the entire community. However, now, there is a shift in developing user-centric applications, and the role of marketers is imperative. Marketers must, in 2019, increase the amount of data they gather on their customers through a variety of methods, including questionnaires and surveys. This will ensure that they are kept up to date with recent advancements and new needs of the consumers allowing them to adapt.

Developers must also be able to produce applications on demand. This means that they listen to what the consumer wants and then develop an app that fulfills their requirements. They must increase their speed, and the performance of such applications must be exceptional to help them stay competitive in the mobile development scene. This may be difficult for most but the ability to produce these applications on-demand may end up creating a surge in your business and a rise in your profits, which can make this year incredibly fruitful.


These are the trends we expect to materialize and the predictions we make for the application development scene in 2019. We hope that the guide is helpful to you in making the right choices and staying in the game or maybe even win it!

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