Mobile App Development in Coimbatore

Mobile App Development in Coimbatore
Mobile App Development

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Best Mobile app development Company in Coimbatore for Native and Cross-Platform Apps

The Mobile Apps Development in Coimbatore has made some amazing progress ever since the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007 and the advent of Android Smartphone revolution. The number of downloads of mobile apps in each year has increased steadily. There were 205 billion downloads of the application at the end of 2018. Moreover, in 2022 it is expected to rise to 258 billion. The mobile application has made our daily task easy from booking movie tickets to paying bills.

There is no denying the fact that there is a booming need for mobile application development. SKEIN is a top mobile app development company in Coimbatore, that is adept in creating and delivering interactive native and hybrid mobile apps. Our team of skilled mobile app developers in Coimbatore craft the best Android and iOS apps which enhance and add real substantial business profit for our customers.

Our Forte in Mobile App development Coimbatore

Android App Development

In 2018 Google announced Google duplex, AR Google maps and AI integrated Google photos in I/O event shows. Android is moving beyond its limits from just as a mobile OS. With over 2.3 billion users across the world in 2018 Android is said to be the most used operating system in mobile. Running over countless number of Smartphones and many other gadgets android always had a dignified place in the digital ecosystem.

Android application development is a competitive market with approximately 6,140 mobile apps being launched in play store every day. So you need a unique strategy to outsmart other competitors. Our gifted Android app developers in Coimbatore are outfitted with cutting edge technology and in-depth knowledge of current trends which help them to develop an android app to help you to stand out from your competitors.

iOS App Development

While there are many operating systems for mobile in the market, iOS takes a remarkable place in the mobile platform by providing robustness, security and smooth interface comprised of superior customer service. With its recent implementation of 3D face recognition technology, Advanced AI (Siri) and AR technology (ARKit) in latest update shows iOS as an unbeatable platform in the mobile market.

Today, many mobile app developing companies and app developers are trying to get their hands in this platform for promoting their product and services. We are one of the best iOS App Development Company in Coimbatore, we go beyond just concepts to innovate quickly and build on your customers best in class mobile experiences. Our iOS App developers in Coimbatore build elegant iPhone, iPad applications, implement frugal methodologies and latest technologies that enhance your customer and digital presence in the market.

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Custom mobile app development

There is no simple answer to the IOS versus Android debate both are good in their own ways. Building up an application for a single platform is no longer enough to enhance businesses. In order to survive in the competitive market, companies must target both platforms Android and IOS. Fortunately, the cross-platform framework provides a better solution.

Cross Platform mobile uses single source code to develop a mobile application that can able to work on all mobile platforms. Our mobile app development company in Coimbatore develops Hybrid mobile application that is secure and scalable. We are using current technologies like React native, Flutter, phone gap to help your mobile apps work smoothly on all mobile platforms.

Wearable App Development

Since the launch of the first wearable tracking device by Fitbit in 2009, wearable technology is on the rise in the form of watches, goggles, and jewelry. Around 141 billion smartwatches are used around the world and are expected to increase by 6.22 percent at the end of 2019. The new Apple Watch Series and Samsung gears have turned the sports trackers into a fashion statement.

Wearable technology is more attractive to a broader audience, and the integration of applications with wearables is now essential for every company to remain on the market. However, creating Wearable apps is not as easy as it sounds you need an expert to do it right. Skein is an adept Mobile app Development Company in Coimbatore. We build high-performance Wearable mobile application helps to connect to mobile and Wearable technologies easily.

Our Mobile App Development Process

The Research

Research is the initial and most important phase of developing a mobile app. Our mobile app development company in Coimbatore does thorough research of your organization and come up with the best ideas, requirements, and suggestions. This phase provides an in-depth analysis of your competitors, customers, and current market trends.


At this phase, we start working on the look and feel of your app. We implement your requirement and ideas by keeping your customer needs in mind. At the end of the phase, we provide a sketch of how your application functions and looks like.

Technical Feasibility Check

This phase determines whether the wireframe is technically feasible or not. We check your ideas through public APIs, backend languages, servers and push notification services. If it is not technically feasible, we come up with a better solution. This phase helps to avoid backend technical issues in the future.


The critical factor responsible for the success of an app in the market is the design of your app. In this phase, our mobile app development company in Coimbatore blends our experience in design and market trends to design your mobile application. Our UI/UX designer provides you a complete abstract of your app at the end of this phase.


In this phase, a working prototype is developed and validated to see if its functionality and interface. During this phase, the prototype is released to the technical team and undergoes various field tests to know about the issues and requirements from the user end.

Testing and Deployment

Testing is a crucial part of mobile app development as it reduces the risk in the future. The app undergoes various testing procedures such as Functional Usability, Performance, Device-Specific, and User Acceptance Testing. After the bugs are fixed your app is ready to deploy in the app store or play store.

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