5 Gadgets You Need for Home Entertainment

Gadgets You Need for Home Entertainment
Gagdets You Need

Creating the perfect home entertainment set up is a dream for many gadget lovers. You want devices that give you the best level of video and audio quality, but also those that make their use that bit easier. This article will explore five gadgets that can take your home entertainment to another level!


Short throw projectors are the most cost-efficient way to have a big, high-quality display for watching the latest 8K movies or finding the latest caesars casino online offers in your home entertainment space. Compared to purchasing a 70” 4K television that would cost north of $5000 in 2018, a short-throw projector capable of 4K and up to 110” display size would cost half of that – quite impressive. The cost of these projectors have been coming down and down over the past few years, and now are becoming affordable for the typical household. There are a few things to consider when comparing projector models, such as contrast ratio, type of bulb, brightness and max image size.

Universal Remote

A universal remote can take the place of any remote in your home provided compatibility has been enabled. The likes of Logitech and other brands have worked tirelessly towards being as widely compatible as possible. Currently, they work with in excess of 270,000 devices , meaning your existing kit will most likely be covered, although it is important to check to be sure. This is a highly effective solution to the simple problem of needing to control your devices with several remotes. Now you have the ability to make the changes you need to your TV, lights, speakers and countless other devices with easy access from your universal remote.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting has added a new layer to home entertainment. Colored LED light bulbs with 16 million shades to choose from is now becoming the standard with smart lighting. The perk of this is to set a background ambiance to fit whatever mood or form of media you choose. One step further and you can even sync smart lighting to change in accordance with what happens on your screen or whichever songs you choose to play. This works with watching a movie, rocking out to your favorite tunes and even gaming. A beautiful variety of colors and a pulse of light can make your home entertainment experiences even better.


The first Chromecast was released officially in 2013 and has since sold over 55 million units, and with good reason too. This compact piece of tech connects to your Wi-Fi and streams HD footage via an HDMI cable. This is such a great piece of tech as it takes the need out of having to plug your laptop into your TV every time you want to watch something. Now it has become a mainstream way of streaming footage and the distinct cast logo can now be found on most streaming apps such as Netflix and Youtube.

Portable Speaker

Portable and wireless speakers mediated by Bluetooth connectivity have become the go-to option for many buyers. Having a portable speaker in your home lets you quickly hop between different Bluetooth enabled devices. Whether it be your smartphone, laptop or even your TV, fast pairing and the easily transportable nature of these devices allow you to have the audio of all your rooms covered.

The best Bluetooth speakers are powerful yet still maintain a top quality of sound for their size and price. They are also perfect for taking out into the garden or on holiday with you as they are designed to last for as long as possible to get the most out of their portability. If you plan to get used out of one for your home entertainment system then be sure to be willing to put some money into it as cheaper options won’t cut it. Bose is a great option of the brand for fulfilling your home Hi-Fi needs.

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