Which Should You Choose: Neon VS LED Signs

Neon VS LED Signs

The best way to attract people’s attention to your business is by having brightly colored and well-lit signboard. While two of the most sought after lettering styles are the neon channel letters and the LED channel letters .

Often many people see LED sign products marketed as neon sign products which are entirely different from each other. So, here is the blog which will help you know the key differences between neon and LED.

Neon Sign
Neon Sign

Neon Sign

One of the main difference between neon and LED is that neon lighting comes in a handcrafted glass tube where the light is created from reactions with an inert gas that emits a fluorescent color as the energy releases. These tubes are hand-crafted and look beautiful as well but they are very fragile and there is a risk of damage to the tube if handled incorrectly.

While the neon signs also have a safety feature called open circuit protection. This means, if the tube gets damaged from anywhere then the current will automatically stop flowing in order to prevent any unwanted accidents. Because of this protective safety feature and eye-catching design, neon sign boards are more popular nowadays.

LED Sign

As the name suggests, LED signs are made using light emitting diodes. These LEDs are attached closely together so that the light they emit overlaps and creates a steady source of light. LED signs are much lighter and more protected than neon lights. That is because the LED themselves are protected in their own polymer jacket to protect each diode from external damage.

On the other hand, LEDs are fairly complicated and difficult to fix if broken as each LED needs to be manually fixed to the base. Another drawback with the LED is that it can only be placed in certain positions which makes the lettering look clunky and unappealing.

Energy Efficiency

If you are looking for an energy efficient signboard for your business then LED is the one as it consumes less energy than a neon light. Neon needs at least 15,000 volts to light up while the LED uses only 24 volts. If you are thinking a large outdoor sign then you can opt for LED signboard as it will save you a huge saving in running costs.

If you want a small business sign then the actual cost of running neon and LED light is almost the same.


While the cost between LED and neon sign, both depends on the size of the light display that is created. LED works out around 10% cheaper than neon signs, for big and outdoor displays. However, the life span of a neon sign is much longer than an LED sign without repairing or replacing any components.

If you are thinking for a huge signboard then LED might be your choice but if you are looking for a small signboard then neon could be your choice as the cost difference is almost the same.

Curb Appeal

When it comes to curb appeal, the neon sign takes the trophy here as the light they emit is much more warm and welcoming. Neon lights itself brings an aura of old school glamour, brand trustworthy, and a nostalgia that only few can resist.

Although, LED lights are bright but can appear cold, rigid, and harsh on the eyes. As they are the modern innovation, they throw out much more futuristic feel but not always in a good way, so you should look for something that offers you the most curb appeal.

Moreover, if you are looking for a custom neon sign of your business then you can visit vidasigns.com.

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