Perfect Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Want to listen to your music around the house? Perhaps you want to provide the perfect soundtrack to your picnic? Investing in a portable Bluetooth speaker will enable you to do just that. The advance in technology has meant that you can have your sounds on move, without having to compromise on quality. They generally cost less than large multiroom Wifi speakers, and you can run several in your home at once. As innovations in audio technology go, they are a simple concept, but game-changing when it comes to bypassing clunky Wifi speaker apps.

Extended battery power

One of the primary advantages of Bluetooth speakers is that they have a long battery life. The more complicated the speaker, and the more features that it has, the quicker the battery power will drain. Before you buy, you should ask yourself whether features such as voice calling and activation are to your needs. Some speakers allow for both USB and device charging – this means that you can plug it into your phone or tablet, to take a small amount of battery charge from these devices to power your speaker. The UE Boom 2 offers this option, with an average battery life of five hours. It takes approximately 30 minutes to recharge.

Compact and simple

One of the biggest advantages is being able to use the speakers directly from your music app such as Spotify. With previous models of Wifi speakers, such as the Sonos 3, you could only control the music through the Sonos app itself, which required frequent updating. Just like a good quality bookshelf speaker, the portable Bluetooth versions are compact too, and will fit into a smaller space. Your speakers can be disguised and co-ordinate with your interior too. They are lightweight, for instance the JBL Charge 3 weighs only 800 grams.

New Waterproof Technology

Many of the Bluetooth speakers use innovative waterproof materials and casing. This is a far cry from the plastic “showerproof” radios that were previously available. The Philips Grohe Aquatunes, the Wonderboom and the Bose Soundlink, are all entirely waterproof. In fact during testing, even submerged in bathwater, the sound quality is not only impressive, but also amplified further. We are always taught not to take electrical items into the bathroom, but now you definitely can enjoy your music whilst relaxing in the tub.

Bluetooth speakers are innovative in the fact that they have made music accessible anywhere – you don’t have to be in your car or your living room. They are a simple concept driven by a passion for good sound quality.

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