How Email Verifier Services Work And Why You Need One Of Them

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Every marketer running email campaigns regularly knows the necessary steps to pass. Everything starts with an email hunter used to find email addresses and finishes with sending an email drip campaign. There is a step that cannot be omitted, email check.

An email verifier is a tool that checks if the email address you are going to send an email to is real and active. As a professional, you need to know how email verifier services work and why you need one of them. And this article will help you learn the details and help you how to choose one. 

The way an email verifier works

There are many people who are aware of email verifiers. Have you ever wondered how to choose the most suitable email verifier? Which parameters should it suit and how should it perform the verification process? Let’s dive into some technical issues that will help you further choose the email checker.  

Step 1. Syntax check

The syntax check is the first step of the validation process for all email verifier services. At this stage, an email verifier checks if there are any mistakes in the email address. Surely, if they are, the tool will tell you that there’s something wrong with the email address. 

Namely, the instrument makes sure the email address doesn’t contain forbidden symbols, the @ symbol is in the right place, and the domain name is written correctly. Once the syntax check is over, the next step comes into action, the domain check. 

Step 2. Domain check

The second step of the email is the domain check. Domain check permits you to be sure the domain name the email address is hosted on actually exists and active. 

Step 3. Email ping

This is one of the most sophisticated steps of email verification. Email ping is the technical process of an email verifier service pinging the email address with an EHLO message. Once the message is sent (the recipient won’t know about this), the email verifier awaits the response from the recipient’s email server. If the response is positive (the email address is active and can get emails), the email address is marked as a valid one. 

Different email verifier services offer users other verification mechanisms but still, these three are the most important ones. Choose wisely! 

Reasons to verify emails 

Emails need to be verified. It is obvious that when you find emails or buy email lists (especially when you buy email lists), you need to verify them otherwise it often happens that email does not work. There are some reasons why this might happen.

Changed email provider/service

It is one of the most common things. Here is one of a quick example. It often happens that people use their own email provider’s email service and then they switch to Gmail or vice versa. It often happens that a person changes the email provider and the email address you have isn’t actual anymore. 

The person changed the job

People do this even more often than you might think. And when a person changes a job, the old email address might be deactivated and the new one you might not know. And what is the sense of sending emails to inactive email addresses? The only you will gain is the high bounce rate. 

Domain is dead 

So this is one of the reasons that people hardly focus on. It is one of the technical reasons why this happens and if this happens, people even do not notice. This clearly shows that the company is even out of business and there is no sense in sending emails to such recipients. 

How to pick up an optional email verifier 

Now you are ready with some basic information. So here is some guidance for you that might help you have a better understanding of what is better to be chosen.

There is one option that is SaaS platforms, Software-as-a-service. So, this one does not need any system resources as everything is located in the cloud. You can access your account any time you need from any device and perform the verification process in a matter of minutes. What is better about SaaS platforms is that often they offer a set of tools, for example, an email drip campaign tool to send triggered emails.

Make the right choice

Email verifier is the tool that helps professionals stay sure the email addresses they’ve found can receive emails and real people will see them. They are necessary for a high email delivery rate and a low bounce rate. The three basic email address checks are syntax and domain checks and email ping. All the other parameters are optional.  It is recommended to choose the one offered by the SaaS platforms as they are quicker, easier to use, and what is more important they are far more affordable.

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