Effective Email Marketing Strategies in 2019 for Tech Companies

Email Marketing

Despite a lot of news arguing otherwise, email marketing has never been more necessary. As a tech company, you’re facing more competition than ever before to sell your gadget or software. It seems like every day there’s something new and exciting hitting the market, so how are you expected to stand out?

There are over 3.7 email users in the world today. That’s a massive chunk of the entire world’s population if you think of it in those terms. If you don’t know how to leverage email marketing for your business in 2019, you’re missing out on potential long-term customers. Here are the best email marketing strategies that lead to big results.

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1. Nurture Before You Sell

Online selling isn’t as easy as you might think. It’s not enough to hit your customers with your sales pitch and wait for the money to come pouring in. Nowadays, you need to nurture before you sell. What does that mean? It means understanding how your customers find your product and business and realizing that most people aren’t ready to sell when they first stumble upon your brand.

This isn’t much different from in-person selling. If you come on too hard or too fast when selling in-person, you’ll scare away your prospects. Finding a balance between informing your leads and moving them to the purchasing stage is key. Instead of focusing on hard-selling your products, try to be helpful by providing value.

2. Automated Email Sequences

Another leading trend in 2019 is to use automated email sequences. In this case, a user can sign up for your email list using your website, social media, or a landing page. From there, this will start an automated sequence that will hopefully push your user towards some action, whether it’s consuming more of your content or making a purchase.

When you’re able to target these emails to specific audiences, they’re much more effective. HubSpot argued that targeted emails account for 58% of earnings and boost profits by 18% or more. To understand how an automated email sequence works, here’s a breakdown:

  1. Lead-magnet: First, users sign up for a free download, discount, or trial. This is a lead-magnet since it attracts leads.
  2. Welcome email: Next, users get their freebie and are introduced to your email sequence.
  3. Informative: Now, users are exposed to more content, FAQs, and testimonials. This builds trust and encourages users to learn more.
  4. Soft sale: Users are now familiar with your content and brand, and they’re more open to being sold to. You might provide a discount code or other bonus at this stage.
  5. Final sale: Last but not least, you encourage users to take action with a final discount or offer.

This sequence can be customized and tailored to your specific audience and needs. It takes a bit of figuring out, but you’ll soon land more customers than ever before without the effort.

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3. Re-Targeting and Customer Abandonment

Abandoned carts and incompleted sales are just a part of running a business online. If you’re selling technology, software, or other gadgets, you’ll discover that this is just a part of the experience. However, you can use email marketing to reclaim these lost sales.

If you use a selling plugin like WooCommerce, you can get the best WooCommerce support to work on your customer abandonment retargeting. By integrating with your email provider, you can use the information you already have about your customers to send follow-up information to customers encouraging sales.

You might send a discount code or a reminder about the product they were looking at. All of these things help expose your prospects to your brand so they are more encouraged to make a purchase.


Are you effectively using email marketing to reach your customers? In this competitive tech landscape, you can’t afford to ignore this valuable tool. Meeting your customers where they already are (in their inbox) is a great way to add more value to their customer journey.

To get started, define your customer’s needs and look for a way to offer more value. From there, establish an email sequence to start attracting more customers without the ongoing effort.

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