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It’s true that technology has changed our lives drastically in the last couple of decades. Technology has changed how we communicate, how we get our news, even how we write a grocery list! There’s no doubt that it’s made a significant impact on the way we drive. 

Just a few decades ago, it was a luxury to have automatic windows; now children don’t even know that’s a thing! We’re going to go over some of the main factors these advancements have made to the way we drive. 

Leads to More Accidents

Leads to More Accidents 

Not too long ago, the biggest distraction in the car was picking the correct radio station and searching for cute girls in the summer as you drive by the beach entrance. Now, we have phones with constant notifications and calls, GPS systems, Bluetooth radios, and much more. 

These technologies have served us well with making it easier to get around and being about to call for help when we need it. However, it has led to a lot more accidents. It’s been reported that 1 in 6 drivers claimed to engage in distracted driving.

This has affected our auto insurance plans as well. Now we have higher rates because of this factor. Especially younger drivers because they’re the ones that still need to learn more about responsibility with driving with the added distractions. 

Electric and Hybrid Cars

Electric and Hybrid Cars

Cars no longer have to rely on oil or gas; technology has created a way to clean up the way we drive with the invention of electric and hybrid cars. Electric cars must be charged up through a power source to be able to drive for a long time.

Hybrid cars work slightly differently. They still require some oil and gas, but a fraction of a traditional car’s needs. There’s a battery inside that store’s energy, which is self-regenerating all the time. This extra energy in the battery then allows for less gas to be used. 

Most of these types of cars are now affordable in price. Also, you’ll be saving a lot of money in gas when switching over to these types of vehicles. 


Grabbing a Taxi 

No more do we have to wave down a taxi and see that meter continue to raise as you sit in traffic. Technology has completely changed that with apps like Uber and Lyft. Now, we just need to type in the location we want to go to, and our geolocation will pick up where we are, and in minutes we have a ride. 

This is a great way to decrease drunk driving and make being picked up at locations that taxis usually wouldn’t go a lot easier. 

The Bottom Line 

We are likely to see more changes in the years to come as technology advances at an exponential rate. We’ve seen how much has changed in the last few years with the increase of distracted driving, electric cars, and even how we grab a cab! 

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