Distracted Driving – How a Town Can be Brought Down


The modern world has seen technological advances over the past few years that would’ve seemed like nothing more than science fiction only a decade ago. The variety of gadgets, apps and mobile devices that are currently on the market can literally do just about anything that a person’s mind can imagine. Unfortunately, there’s also a dark side to these advancements that many people don’t realize. The simple truth is that all of these new technologies provide a distraction when behind the wheel, and when people ignore this fact, it can literally turn all of a city’s roads into potential death traps.

Potential Technological Dangers

The danger behind driving while using a gadget, mobile device or even app while behind the wheel can be broken down into two words: distracted driving. Statistics show that a full 25 percent of all motor vehicle collisions occur due to this behavior. Even more alarming, though, is the fact that some studies have shown that 23 percent of all accidents in 2011 were directly related to cell phone use. Whether this use was texting, talking or playing on mobile apps isn’t clear, but the fact remains that simply using these devices can prove detrimental.

It has been shown, though, that texting makes a person 23 times more likely to experience a crash. Talking on the phone, on the other hand, increases this risk by 1.3 times. Dialing also increases the risk of a crash by 2.8 times, and even reaching for a device can increase a person’s risk by 1.4 times. The really scary part, though, is the fact that some people actually write emails, play games and even use apps while driving. All of these distracting activities are dangerous, and many states are starting to take notice.

The Legality of Distracted Driving

A large number of people who use their devices or gadgets while driving don’t realize how dangerous these activities can be, but there are few who don’t understand that what they’re doing could be against the law. Many states, in fact, have passed outright bans on using any mobile device while driving. In these states, accident reports show that collisions dropped after these bans were put into place. Unfortunately, not all states are on board.

Some states, in fact, such as Texas, don’t have any all-encompassing texting or cell phone use ban at all. In fact, only underage drivers and bus drivers with students are completely barred from using a cell phone in the state. Unfortunately, this may be a good indicator of why drivers in Dallas were ranked as the second-worst in the entire country. Though many people won’t face criminal sanctions in the state over mobile device use, it’s very likely that if they injure someone due to this distracted behavior, the accident victim can use a car accident lawyer in Dallas to get a fair amount of compensation from the at-fault driver.

Using Technology Safely

The main rule of using technological devices safely is to just avoid using them while driving. Unfortunately, some people find this hard to do, so it’s often a good idea for these individuals to turn off their device before getting behind the wheel. Those who don’t trust themselves to keep it turned off can even go the extra step of putting it in their truck before leaving the house. Regardless of what it takes, even if it means handing the gadget over to a passenger, an individual should refrain from its use if they hope to avoid serious legal consequences related to negligence.

The advancement of technology over the past few years has been unprecedented, and without these technological evolutions, the world would literally have a different face than it does today. Sadly, this goes both ways. There are always disadvantages that come along with any new application of modern science, and unfortunately, people who don’t know how to act responsibly with these devices can literally put others’ lives in danger. Until the law catches up with technology, though, it’s a sad fact that these dangers will likely continue to exist.

Teresa Stewart is a professional blogger who frequently researches car accidents. She was able to find information for this article by searching the term car accident lawyer in Dallas and distracted driving accidents online.

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