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Having the best people onboard has always been a priority for businesses but retention is equally important. It is vital to retain people because those who stay in the long run always contribute in one way or the other and make your company stronger as well. It lets you save a huge sum on hiring, training, and the development of new resources. Further, it adds to the reputation and credibility of your business in the long run. However, employee retention has emerged as a major challenge in recent years as millennials are more than keen to switch jobs. The ideal solution is to adapt and innovate your retention strategy, which is best done with the help of technology. Here are some measures you can implement to up your employee retention potential with technology.

Realign workplace culture

The competition in the business landscape is growing at a rapid pace and you can expect to compete with other businesses not just to capture the market but to get the best talent as well. In this scenario, realigning your workplace culture with innovative processes and systems is the only way to stay ahead. A flexible company that allows employees to work anytime and from anywhere is bound to be an attractive prospect for them. Implementing technologies like Bring Your Own Device is a smart idea as it will give employees the freedom to access business data and applications remotely. Similarly, empowering them with remote collaboration software and tools also boosts flexibility and increases retention in the long run.

Set expectations even before hiring

Employee retention should start early, even before a person actually becomes a part of your organization. Why not just set the expectations for the applicants even before they apply for a position with your company? These can surely make them aware of the company culture so that they will know whether they fit in or not. Convey the expectations clearly in the job profile itself so that the candidates have a clear picture of what they are bargaining for. This is where social media technologies can help for propagating the messaging to the potential candidates loud and clear.

Leverage technology for training

Learning is a part of growth and no employee would want to be stuck with a dead-end job that leads them nowhere. Training and development, therefore, is a retention strategy that you cannot overlook. But there isn’t anything great about training them with conventional means because that is what everyone does. Rather, going the extra mile with your training initiatives will make all the difference. While this is a great thing for your existing staff, you can boost new hire retention by giving them an opportunity to upskill in an innovative way. Leverage eLearning programs to make things more engaging and interactive. Further, you can create readily accessible digital libraries and content resources for them. Doing something special for your workforce shows that you care about their holistic growth and development on the career front.

Simplify communication and collaboration

Seamless communication and collaboration make people feel connected and enhance their performance as teams as well. Technology can go a long way in enabling people to access data securely and collaborate with shared resources. This kind of collaboration can elevate employee retention to a considerable extent as your people feel trusted and develop a bond with their team. Tools such as Microsoft Teams and Slack can enable smooth communication and ease of project management. Similarly, Google Docs and Dropbox can be used for sharing files instantly and securely. Having remote collaboration tools in place is equally important if you have people working from home or from the field.

Enhance productivity and wellness

Retaining people is all about keeping them happy, productive, and stress-free, and technology can help you in this context as well. Businesses can leverage a range of productivity tools to reduce the burden on employees while improving their productivity potential with features like automatic updates and reminder notifications. Further, you can invest in specialized employee gamification apps to make work more enjoyable and alleviate the stress for the teams. You can even have employee feedback tools in place to encourage them to share feedback and inputs on improving processes and the company culture as a whole.

Evidently, modernizing your workplace with the right technology is the key to making your workforce productive and satisfied in the long run. This may appear like a considerable investment today but you will soon realize the benefits when you see a boost in employee retention after adopting these technologies.

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