Distinguished Features of Newly Released Magento 2.3 Open Source Community Edition

Magento 2.3
Magento 2.3

The update that developers have been waiting for a long time is here already. The Magento 2.3.0 is launched by Magento and is available for all the developers out there. This time Magento has addressed several bugs and fixed so many issues. Several core functions are fixed to give optimal performance for the users. There are so many functions, and features that are available with the latest version of Magento and developers are so happy with this new version too.

Here are some of the main features that are incorporated in Magento 2.3.0.

Merchant Tool Enhancements

  • Magento renamed the banner to dynamic block, and now you will be allowed to create banner content easily using the WYSIWYG.
  • Magento has bind inventory management which is provided by multisource inventory that allows the merchants to manage inventory for various product types that they have in a single warehouse and across some of the complex shipping networks.
  • The e-Commerce owners can use this feature effectively to run their websites. They can also streamline all the operations with ease.

Security Enhancements

  • Magento has always paid special attention to security. The newly released Magento 2.3 is capable of protecting the website from various kinds of malicious attacks.
  • It has two-factor authentication and Google reCAPTCHA feature which provides excellent security for the online store. One will be able to make the website hack-proof with Magento 2.3.
  • The website owners don’t have to worry about password stealing and bots.


Elastic Search

  • The new elastic search feature is a powerful source version of Magento e-Commerce. It offers speedy and useful search results for e-Commerce websites.
  • The merchants can incorporate powerful search engine capabilities in online stores with the help of this Elastic Search.

Magento Shipping

  • The new version has the click and collects features for shipping. It provides the option for customers to receive or collect shipments also.
  • The tracking popups can be displayed for multi-package purchases.

PHP 7.2 Support

  • Magento 2 providers will now support PHP 7.2, and it makes sure that the website has more stability and enhanced performance.
  • The website owners can expect improved security for their sites too.

Installation, Update and Deployment

  • Now it is straightforward for developers to install or uninstall cron feature. All they have to do is use Bin/Magento cron: install and cron: remove commands.
  • Apache 2.4 syntax will be used for the .htaccess template.
  • The XML sitemap generation can be scheduled now with this new version.
  • Using Bin/Magento setup command will provide a rollback option that is capable of retaining files for future rollbacks.

Simple Code Refactoring and Cleaning Up


  • It is easy for customers to login now even if the guest checkout is disabled. They can use the CAPTCHA code to log in.


  • The enter button on the customer grid now filters the tables.
  • The customers can now download and export PDFs after logging into the website.
  • Previously the customers were redirected to admins, and it was a significant setback for Magento.

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Checkout and Cart Features for Customers

  • The emojis can be saved in custom production options.
  • Magento now collects the address that any particular customer enters during checkout if the customer selects the “save address” option. This address will be used for his/her future shopping.
  • The minecart is expected to display the product titles which contain special characters.

Declarative DB Schema

  • This new Declarative DB Schema will make Magento installation and upgrade easier for the users. The developers will be able to define the structure of the database and convert the XML Schema into SQL statements.

Key Takeaways

Magento team and its contributors have always strived to provide better features for the developers, and this new version of Magento has helped it a lot. There are so many Magento development companies which will help you in achieving your business goals and increase sales. You can either create the website from scratch or upgrade your existing site to Magento. In either way, you will be able to make use of these features a lot. They will help in the smooth operation of any e-Commerce store. These latest features have indeed made a big difference for the developers too.

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