Online Consumer Behaviour Trends in 2023

Consumer Cycle

Consumers have started becoming impulsive; they want an instant answer to their queries which has led to a surge in utilizing Search Engines to find an instant solution. An entire world filled with information and the capabilities to satiate their need at the eleventh hour is in their pocket, just a few clicks away.

Consumer Cycle:

The following is how a consumer query cycle works.

Problem Recognition –> Information Search–> Comparison —> Evaluation —> Purchase

Consumer Cycle

Our job is to make our website stand in front of the consumer at the Information Search stage, Win the battle at the Comparison Stage and help the consumer with appropriate Evaluation so as to finally convert him; leading him to purchase a service or a product from us!

Below are some keynotes that need light shedding so as to how consumers surf the Search Engines to make decisions.

Marketers need to understand that consumers have become increasingly impatient, demanding instant results, instant deliveries, and instant knowledge. It can be both challenging and exciting when dealing with this consumer behavior because it’s these micro-moments that are moments of the fastest decision-making making and if everything is done just right, from targeting the intended consumer to actually reaching the consumer to reducing his effort of satiating his need; he is as good as a conversion.

Traditional advertising will lose muffin points here because Search Engines allows us to accelerate the consumer experience by offering a higher and faster need satisfaction and catering to them just what they want. This is going to keep evolving and we for sure need to make an effort to keep up with this evolution, so as to win the race and win the consumer.

Mobile is the big thing, desktops are dinosaurs:

Consumer behavior has shown a drastic rise in the usage of mobile phones when it comes to internet usage and consumption.

According to a newly conducted survey, more than 60% of global website traffic was through Mobile devices while the rest 40% was via desktop and tablet

Google Voice Search Engine App / Google Assistant :

With an increasing number of users transferring to mobile devices rather than using desktops or even laptops, the voice search option has been gaining popularity in preference to make searches and satiate query needs on search engines. This function is being used more and more by a lot of people because it not only allows the user the ability to not type in the search box but also allows them to multitask while doing so.

Another amazing feature that is made available by Google is called ‘Google Assistant’. This feature allows you to have your own personalized search engine. You can search and know the answers to personal queries such as the status of your flight booking, your friend’s birthday, remind you of something important, etc; helping you manage your life effectively! You can try out this feature by visiting the following site:

Accelerated Mobile Pages :

More than 50% of the users prefer an AMP-induced website since most of their searches have started happening on mobile devices.

Another fact that needs to be given weightage is that an accelerated mobile page loads 85% faster than a normal webpage. Due to this fact, search engines give a higher preference to websites that have AMPs while determining their quality score, hence helping in a better organic ranking.

Trust Signals :

Customers are giving a lot of weight to reviews in search engines. Whether it’s for checking movie ratings/ product ratings/ service ratings it’s affecting the decision of users. This opportunity window is important so as to build the credibility of your business online, along with having a loyal and rising customer base.

Location Matters :

Looking for something nearby whether it’s a restaurant, store, or tea shop is a common search done using a Mobile device, contributing almost 1/3 of all mobile search devices. Therefore marketers need to optimize their websites for location-based queries. Search engines like Google use the location of users based on GPS to deliver appropriate results even if the location isn’t mentioned in the query.

The Trends are clear, people expect relevant and accurate information when they search, also search engines have started using tools like machine learning to deliver relevance based on the consumers surfing behavior, location, and search query. Marketers need to create their SEO and SEM campaigns based on the behavior changes of the consumer, allowing you to capture their attention in those micro-moments when decisions are made at the speed of light.

The earlier you adopt, the better the results. The phrase ‘Change is the only constant’ couldn’t be more happening in any industry as it is in the Digital Marketing Field.

Hiring a proven SEO Agency with proven results can help your brand achieve good SEO Results, while for an SEM Lead Campaign, you may go with a Performance Marketing Agency to help you pay only for Results.

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