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VPN for Watching Sports

Truth be told, there are many sports streaming fans in the world than movies, TV shows or other entertainment streamers. After all, there are dozens of different sports in the world, each having a massive fan following.

Since 2018 is completely crowded with major sporting events such as F1 Grand Prix and FIFA world cup 2018, fans are highly excited to see their favorite teams or players on screens.

However, there are many hurdles that might spoil the moments when you stream it online. Regardless, with a VPN on your side, you can overcome any streaming hurdle and watch your favorite sports with all the excitement intact.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Sports Live Online?

One of the major hurdles that you will probably come across when streaming sports online is regional restrictions. Since sports is a fairly regulated industry, not every local broadcaster gets to have the official license of covering all the International mix of sports.

Because of the lack of licensing, when you try to access the streaming service, you get an error message that mostly reads that the “content isn’t available in your country.” Take for instance the Hulu Live TV or Sling TV. These services are only available in the US. As a result, fans from outside the US can’t access or watch FIFA World Cup live streaming on these services.

In fact, US expats living or traveling abroad can’t access the service even with their US subscription.

Apart from regional restrictions, you might also face slow streaming speed when watching sports online. Continuous buffering or slow streaming happens mostly due to ISP throttling. ISPs are notorious for throttling the bandwidth limit of the users to save bandwidth even if ruins the streaming experience of the users.

Here, only a VPN can beat all these streaming problems and help you not only access your favorite sports from anywhere in the world but also enjoy streaming at the fastest speeds.

Essential Features You Should Expect From a Reliable VPN

For a first time VPN user, finding the right VPN becomes a bit troublesome due to the excessive number of VPN services available online. However, there are a few essential elements that you should look for a VPN to find the best and reliable service provider.

  • Number of servers: Always keep in mind that the more the number of servers, the better speed, performance and accessibility you get.
  • Number of IPs: A huge pool of anonymous IPs allows users to ensure better online anonymity.
  • Unblocking: Not all VPN providers are able to unblock popular streaming services because such services (like Netflix) are notorious for blocking IPs. So, opt for a VPN that genuinely offers unblocking.
  • Speed: The VPN service should have speed optimized servers so that you can enjoy seamless streaming.
  • Encryption: Every reliable VPN service provider uses no less than military-grade (256-bit AES) encryption.
  • Added Security: Good VPN services should have default security features like IPv6 Leak and DNS Leak protection. After all, ensuring anonymity is the core purpose of a VPN.

5 Best VPN for Streaming Sports


PureVPN is a renowned name in the VPN industry that has been operating for over a decade. The VPN service provider features a massive number of servers (750+), spread across the 6 continents. It offers a rich functionality allowing users to have a better control over their Internet activities. More importantly, it offers economical prices that cater both short-term and long-term users.

PureVPN offers one of the best unblocking functionality in the industry. With PureVPN enabled on your device, you can access myriad of streaming services that are otherwise blocked from anywhere including but not limited to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Sling TV, etc.

You can find a compatible version of the PureVPN app for a great number of devices such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Ruko, FireStick, etc.


Ivacy is a VPN service provider that is worth giving a try. The VPN service also has a massive fan following in the industry. It has over 500 VPN servers that are deployed in 100+ locations. Best of all, Ivacy is taunted as the most economical VPN service beating many top services in terms of prices.

The VPN service also has a massive collection of streaming channels that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The number of streaming services accessible from Ivacy VPN include both less-commonly known and popular services.

Ivacy is also available for a number of devices including all the major operating systems and popular devices.

Buffered VPN

Although a lesser known service in the industry, Buffered VPN also provides instant access to many sports streaming services. The VPN service has a decent VPN presence in the world with servers in over 44 locations in different continents.

The service offers a good number of features that add more functionality to the VPN.


CyberGhost VPN boasts over 1,000 VPN servers strategically deployed in different regions. The VPN service offers simultaneous connections for up to 5 different devices. Apart from that it also features a good number of other rich functionalities including Kill Switch, fastest speeds, streaming and p2p downloading, 30-day money back guarantee and more.

Private VPN

A Swedish based VPN service, Private VPN features plethora of VPN servers in up to 56 most popular locations in the world including the US, the UK, Canada, and more. The VPN service can be used simultaneously on up to 6 devices. The VPN service packs some added features as well including but not limited to instant Kill Switch, Port Forwarding, server switching, etc.


Since you now have a clear understanding of the need of a VPN along with a list of best VPNs for sports streaming, you can now easily opt for the right service and enjoy the best sports streaming experience.

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