8 Benefits Of Using a Gaming VPN

Gaming VPN
Gaming VPN

The full form of a VPN is Virtual Private Network. It can be seen as a tunnel that enables your information to move online in a secure way. This happens as a VPN provides you with a safe path for accessing a private network or the public internet.

What a VPN does is encrypt your data, which means that your data has been translated into a code. That code can be deciphered only by that VPN server. A gaming VPN can also advantage us in several ways. Today, we are listing down the eight benefits that a VPN for gaming brings along the way.

1.Get Protected from ISP Bandwidth

ISPs can monitor your online activity. When you use too much of the internet on playing online games with your friends, they actually decide to cap your bandwidth. This is how it would ruin your connection speeds by the bandwidth throttling courtesy of your ISP.

Bandwidth Throttling is basically the practice of intentionally limiting the internet speed, which will slow down the available internet speed by an ISP (Internet Service Provider).

When you are using a VPN for your gaming, your ISP will not be able to see what you are doing online and thus, is not provided with valid reasoning to cap your bandwidth.

2.Play the Banned Games

Although this may sound weird, certain countries in the world like to ban all types of video games due to numerous reasons. For example Australia, it has gathered quite a lengthy list of the banned games there.

This is, for sure, quite unfair for the gamers who cannot play because their government has a problem with video games they like. However the VPN is once again proved to be there for rescue since it can easily replace your IP Address with another, you are enabled to bypass this kind of censorship without much effort.

3.Play in Any Region You Wish

A problem faced when playing multiplayer games is facing geo-blocks in certain regions while playing. This especially happens when every one of your friends is playing in that specific region. Mostly, the reason behind this happening is that a title hasn’t been launched in the area you play in.

This problem of yours can be solved with ease by a VPN as it will hide your real IP address. VPN will also replace it with a different IP address. With that, in spite of connecting from any region in the world, you will receive access to any region you wish.

4.Get a Chance to Play Certain Games Earlier

That’s right; you can play your favorite newly released game without having to wait just because it hasn’t released in your country yet.

If you are a gamer who looks forward to new games every time, you are well aware of the struggle of waiting. It is rare for a game to be released at the same time, globally. Again with the power of VPN masking your real location, you can get to play your game. This can be done by replacing your real geo-location with the one where that game has already been released, and you are good to go.

5.Reduce Lag and Ping Times

It is always great to have fast downloads and upload speeds. However, it won’t make any difference in case your ping which is ‘the time it will take for the data to be sent and received b/w the server and your device’ is very high. It can very often be an issue when your geographical location is very far from the gaming server.

The very high ping will result in ever so annoying lag. With the use of a VPN, this will no longer be a problem for you. All you will have to do is connect to a VPN server and locate it in the country which the gaming server is.

6.Stay Safe from DDoS Attacks

A DDoS attack stands for a Distributed Denial of Service Attack. What it does is, that is it sends a lot of requests from compromised systems to 1 particular system in order to force it to go offline.

It has now gotten to a point where any person can perform this attack even if they are unaware of much of its technicalities, as now it is directly available for purchasing.

Using a Gaming VPN, DDoS is of no harm as your IP address is masked. The perpetrators can not locate you.

7.IP Bans Will Not Be an Issue

You know that time when the admin gets offended by losing over your amazing gaming skills. They call you a cheater, you attempt to defend yourself but boom you get banned!

As many servers will issue IP bans, you will be disabled from reconnecting to play your game. In another case, if you are using a gaming VPN, again as evident as it is by now with a hidden IP address, you can switch between VPN servers without a problem.

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8.Get it Cheaper through Regional Availability

The video game publishers charge more money in some regions than in others. VPN is a quick and very effective way to fix this problem.  By switching your VPN server to another country and then logging back in, you will see the difference in charges. By this, the prices will immediately update concerning your virtual location.


With all these benefits, it leaves no question for a gamer to why not to use a gaming VPN. After all, these are all the solutions to hindrances that a player faces in his or her online gaming experiences, right?

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