7 Important Reason People Love To Play Arcade Games


The “golden age” of arcade games endured from the late 1970s until the beginning of the 1990s. Characterized by well-known early 90s arcade games such as Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Pac-Man, and Tetris., it was a time when children could play arcade games, spend hours attempting to defeat their own and someone else’s highest scores, supplying arcade devices with coins, and catching up with friends for healthy confrontations at their chosen games.

While retro arcade games experienced a precipitous slump in demand in the 1990s, they are starting to experience something of a comeback, as people cherish fondly all the times they killed playing these vintage games. Now, retro arcade games nevertheless matter, and not only because they are a remembrance of the good olden days (which they are). From a family-friendly alternative to appreciate an afternoon to a convenient method for anyone to have fun, these arcade games are still a reliable option for indoor recreation.

  • Nostalgia With a Side of Adult Fun

Currently, business owners have realized that arcade evangelists want the “good old days” are an uncharted market and have begun opening unique kinds of gaming enterprises. Those ‘80s and ‘90s teenagers are now all earning adults, which has resulted in a chain of alcohol and food-providing arcades getting success in larger cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Coin-Op, which has spots in Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Diego, has grown into the destination for customers looking to relax, drink craft cocktails, and play arcade games with friends.

  • Introducing a New Generation to Arcade Games

There are places that strive to bring back emotional memories of the popular entertainment arcade, giving guests an opportunity to play arcade games they haven’t viewed in decades, or for the new generation to explore the pleasure of playing Galaga or Tempest. High Scores, for instance, in an alcohol-free space, where the 80s-born adult can bring in their children to experience what they used to enjoy. “People who grew up in the ‘80s and ‘90s and now have families come in with their kids and want to show them the games that they grew up with, and it starts this cool generational thing, which is fun to watch,” says Meg Livernoche from High Scores.

  • eSports Welcomed Arcade Games

Some arcades have adapted to eSports as the subsequent level in the industry’s development. Arcade series GameWorks provides eSports rooms in numerous of its locations where players can play a mixture of games. Red Bull has likewise lately opened Gaming Spheres—a blend of live stream studio and eSports arcade—in Tokyo and London.

The niche is looking past traditional hardware, too: arcades focused on VR have started growing globally. In fact, according to a release by Grand View Research (by Forbes), VR gaming could hit 45 billion USD in income by 2025. Though keep in mind, this considers home VR setups also, but the common living room can’t meet a comprehensive arcade center with an area for more outstanding events, not to mention the expense of VR headsets. The arcade could become the largest and cheapest means to experience VR.

  • Arcade Games are Good For All Ages

With a simple learning curve and so much diversity, everyone in a group of friends or family will find a game to experience in an arcade. The CEO of Coin-Up, Mike Bolton best summarizes it, “I think a mix (of family fun and nightlife) might be the way. (Kids) and parents’ interests these days are more in line with each other than they used to be. There used to be certain activities for kids and certain activities for grown-ups. But we’re blurring the lines these days, with more adults enjoying geek culture. Maybe that mixed model is the best way forward.”

  • Arcade Games are Simple But Not Easy

Among the most attractive characteristics of arcade games is their convenience. Rather than requiring to memorize complex commands, and track various specialized defenses, capabilities, weapons, and awards, these games are comparatively easy to learn. For instance, at its center, Pac-Man is made up of a yellow head munching on dots and dodging ghosts.

However, do not be deceived. Simple to learn does not imply simply to overcome. A whole generation of people aged constantly disputed by the challenge of comparatively easy games such as Pac-Man. Not everyone can approach the 256th level of the game and it took 19 years for Billy Mitchell to not only approach that level but to do it with a comprehensive score.

  • Variety Makes Arcade Games a Good Alternative

Many contemporary games stress very comparable compositions and plotlines that, while interesting and enjoyable, restrict players’ choices.

Arcade games, on the other hand, are characterized by the variety they return to the arcade. For instance, during the ‘golden age of the arcade’, we saw games like Tetris (puzzle game), Space Invaders (alien invasion game), and NBA Jam (a sports game). So with this variety, when you bring family or friends to the arcade, they will find something exciting and challenging that matches their preferences, age, or personality. 

Final Words

If Disney can reboot all our childhood classics, it’s not surprising that arcade games are making a comeback in the time when nostalgia sells. So, why not take your friends or family to play arcade games the next weekend?

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