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Virtual reality and augmented reality are some of the technologies that are shaking up many of the industries that motion activated hidden camera or hidden spy cam are all about.

The combined market of these two technologies is huge. According to estimates by the firm IDC, it could reach more than 162 billion dollars in 2020 on a global scale. Although these technologies are not new, they now benefit from many technological advances that propel them. This is the case of smart phones and artificial intelligence, including gesture recognition and pattern recognition.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are destined to revolutionize the uses in many economic domains. Initially associated with the field of video games, they now offer diverse perspectives in a wide variety of fields, such as developing specialized skills, immersive advertising and live surgery, while advancing advanced scientific research.


Virtual reality is a totally immersive experience that transports the user into an imaginary three-dimensional (3D) universe created by a computer program, and this, drawing as much as possible from reality. It usually requires the use of a headset in which virtual objects (eg, images, videos) are projected and with which the user can interact in real time.

Augmented reality, on the other hand, consists of enriching the real world with virtual information created by a computer program, in order to intensify the understanding and interaction of the user with his environment. It is generally based on the use of specific glasses, a computer, a tablet or a smartphone in which virtual information has been added to provide additional information to the user. In this case, the sense of sight is particularly stressed.

Aryzon 3D glasses

The Aryzon 3D glasses are designed to work with any smartphone to allow you to experience a real immersion of augmented reality.

It is a simple gadget, cardboard therefore inexpensive, to allow you to have access to this technology easily.

It is by using your phone’s camera, compatible application and a target that you can view three-dimensional holograms.

The image captured by your phone will be reflected inside the helmet on a mirror, then broadcast using stereoscopic lenses on the glasses where you are looking.

3D images add to your present environment to create a harmonious fusion between the real and virtual worlds.

Used as much for entertainment and fun as research and education, augmented reality really becomes more accessible with Aryzon glasses.


With your cell phone as a screen, Google’s headset aims for the experience for everyone. Daydream is a virtual reality headset that wants to be affordable not without offering a certain comfort, hence its higher price than a Utopia 360.

As on competing systems, your Android phone serves as a screen.

The remote control can control the features of the phone, but also interact with the objects in virtual reality experiences.

Daydream’s interest in competitors that are offered even for less is the weight of Google. Developers will be able to rely on a type of hardware, and no longer have to adapt to many remote controls or interfaces.

Like the Samsung Gear VR, users will be able to experience accessible experiences that only virtual reality can master. Finally, it is available in several colors.

Apple ARKit: augmented reality on iPhone, the beginning of a revolution

This mix between real and virtual can be perceived using a screen. Currently, the main way to access augmented reality is the screen of a smartphone.

In 2017, Apple launched its ARKit development kit for iOS, and Google launched its ARCore development kit for Android. Both platforms allow developers to create augmented reality applications for Android smartphones or iPhones.

Concretely, the applications created with these development kits allow the user to observe virtual elements superimposed on the real-world images filmed by the camera of his smartphone. There are already a large number of mobile apps created with ARCore and ARKit.

For example, it is possible to use a virtual ruler to measure real-world objects, or to witness the landing of a UFO in his garden. Augmented reality gives free rein to the imagination of developers, and can make it possible to create practical applications as well as games having no other goal than entertainment.

Augmented reality makes sense when viewed through the screen of a helmet, glasses or contact lens. Currently, there are already several devices of this type on the market. Google was the first to venture into this field with Google Glass. marketed in 2013.

Unfortunately, these augmented reality glasses were not enough to convince the general public.

In 2017, Google decided to return to the market with the Google Glass Enterprise Edition, this time for professionals.

The Microsoft Hololens

The most advanced augmented reality device at the moment is undoubtedly the Microsoft Hololens.

This headset brings together a wide selection of games and applications in augmented reality, and allows you to observe the virtual blend into reality in a very convincing way.

However, one factor hinders its democratization among the general public.

This is again an AR helmet reserved for professionals.

Magic Leap One

In 2018, Magic Leap launched its Magic Leap One augmented reality glasses, which is expected to offer more fun and entertainment-related applications. Similarly, Intel has recently announced Intel Vaunt, augmented reality glasses design close to a pair of ordinary glasses. However, the true democratization of augmented reality could come from a company beloved by the general public around the world: Apple.

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The NeuroTracker, a virtual system for optimizing perceptual and cognitive capacities

The NeuroTracker is software for training the cognitive and perceptual abilities of an individual.

In humans, these abilities tend to diminish with age, as a result of trauma, or in the presence of an ADHD with or without hyperactivity disorder.

Designed to isolate and train vision-related attentional mechanisms, this three-dimensional (3D) immersive training system increases the speed of analysis of a visual scene, increases the duration of concentration and strengthens the ability to limit emotional responses. It aims to improve performance, but also the treatment of neurological diseases.

Who can benefit from the NeuroTracker?

The NeuroTracker can be useful for many industries. These include health and well-being, defense and security, education and even scientific research. For example, athletes, military personnel, law enforcement officers, students with autism or ADHD symptoms, and anyone who wants to improve their cognitive abilities can benefit from it.

What does the future hold for us?

After the original professional version focusing on the sports industries and defense, CogniSens is currently working on adapting the NeuroTracker system to make it a consumer product. In addition, with a view to increasing its activities in the health sector, the company seeks to collaborate with the video game industry which has a large network of users. Indeed, the integration of virtual reality into the game could prove useful for the rehabilitation of elderly people with certain disabilities.

The NeuroTuner, an interface for optimizing perceptual and cognitive capacities thanks to multisensory integration

The NeuroTuner is an interface that allows the brain to link information from multiple sensory and / or motor stimuli for a better representation of the real world.

It is designed to activate an ubiquitous natural mechanism in every human being (known as the “fulcrum” principle), which not only improves perception and cognition, but also motor reflexes, imagination and creativity.

It aims to improve perceptive-cognitive performance, but also the treatment of diseases, through the integration of different sensory stimuli (stimulating eg hearing, touch, vision, etc.).

Other researchers have also shown that this type of stimulus facilitates imagination and creativity.

This invention being evaluated will be integrated into a virtual reality environment. A concrete example of NeuroTuner application would be laparoscopic procedure training, a mini rod-shaped instrument with a camera that is used for various surgical procedures.

This procedure can be done using a virtual reality interface and auditory stimuli. So far, the tests performed have shown an improvement in the performance efficiency of this procedure by about 15%.

In addition, the NeuroTuner will be paired with the NeuroTracker to enable the NeuroTracker to achieve better results, ie optimal speed thresholds during cognitive training.

VR, the arm of tomorrow’s entertainment

The immersive era is still in its infancy and should quickly become a standard as it is appropriated by mobile players, Facebook in mind. The social network launched the videos in 360 ° in September 2015 and continues to launch new features such as “Guide” to create guided tours or even “Heatmap” to better understand the elements seen by spectators.

The Oculus Rift is now available on the shelves and retail chains.

The demonstration spaces allow everyone to test virtual reality headsets.

In December, the Mk2 film channel inaugurated an area entirely dedicated to virtual reality, with twelve different experiences offering the public a panorama of the possibilities offered by VR today, from animated films to documentaries. going through the video game.

The Forum des images will soon have a dedicated room and La Géode has just launched its first permanent virtual reality course.

Much more than a fad, virtual reality heralds a wave of fad in the entertainment industry and should, no doubt, become the arm of tomorrow’s entertainment.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a technology that is based on the idea of ​​immersing in reality artificially and not naturally. Finally, VR becomes a reality but has advantages and disadvantages. Below are some major advantages and disadvantages:


  • Better than reality

The visuals that are seen are much better than reality Virtual reality technology is used in video games and the user feels that he is in another world.

In video games by virtual reality game controller, transmission of vibration and other sensations. The use of sound and graphics in the video has been incorporated into the VR. Plus, it provides the user with a great gaming experience. You can also have real gaming experiences such as fighting users against zombies.

  • Used in different fields

Virtual reality has been used in different domains because of its extensive functionality. It is also used in the military, education and other fields. It adds more dimensions to different areas. Virtual reality is used in aviation and architecture to visualize the final product.

  • The user has incredible experiences

Users have huge experiences in using virtual reality. Users feel that they experience real places, hear real sounds and see real things. Many feel that they are using virtual reality technology more and more. It is highly valued by people with disabilities. Because by using virtual reality, they can explore the real world. Movies produced for VR allow the audience to see everything around them in each scene. Thus, it creates an interactive visualization experience for the audience.

  • Provided detailed views

Virtual reality offers a complete and detailed view of the place. For example, virtual reality makes websites easier and more interesting. It offers a detailed description of the place you want to visit. Users can, then, plan their trip by seeing the actual locations for that location. In addition, users can see important landmarks and places they are interested in going.

  • Connects to people

Virtual reality provides opportunities to communicate with people in real life. It helps to build new relationships in a more effective way compared to real life. Users come to know about different types of people and connect with them.

  • Effective communication

One of the main benefits of Virtual Reality is effective communication. Users can communicate with each other and benefit from their discussions. She provided a new experience of communicating with people.


  • High price

One of the main disadvantages of the virtual game is that they are not affordable to everyone. They are expensive and people who can not buy them will not be able to access this technology.

  • Communication should not be replaced for the group of people

Another disadvantage of virtual reality is that communication using this technology should not be replaced for the group of people. In addition, dishonesty is likely to be there.

  • Feeling of uselessness

The users of virtual reality have so many times the feeling of uselessness. They feel that they escape the real world and sometimes this feeling is very dangerous for them.

  • Users become acro of the virtual world

Users become acro of the virtual world and navigate in a non-virtual environment. This addiction can cause them different health problems.

  • The technology is still experimental

Although virtual reality is used in different fields, it is still experimental. It is not yet accepted or fully developed. RV has a lot of disadvantages and that’s why it’s not completely accepted yet.

  • Training in an RV environment is not real

Another disadvantage of virtual reality is that the person who has been trained in an RV environment can do well in this environment but can not do well in the real world. Hence, it does not give the same results in real life compared to the virtual reality environment.

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