6 Industries That Should Prioritize Secure Video Chat

Video Chat

Videos are all the rage and for good reason- they’re a great way to showcase your brand, culture, and content. But there’s one huge problem with videos that most brands don’t realize: most videos are available for anyone to see and download without fail. Because of this, many brands are having their videos stolen by competitors and other non-affiliated parties for use for their gain.

This has caused a lot of problems for brands and industries—from copyright issues to having their audience stolen by competitors. However, there is a way to avoid all of this with a secure live video call .

What to Look For in a Video Chat App?

The advent of video chat apps for android has made it so much easier for us to connect with our friends, family, and other loved ones. While each type of video chat app offers the same basic functionality, they differ significantly in certain respects.  

Does the App support both iOS and Android? 

Most companies offer their services through both iOS and Android devices, but you must be sure to check this before deciding on one app over another.

Is it Scalable?

A video chat app that doesn’t scale can be a disaster waiting to happen. Look for a Group video chat app that allows users to quickly add additional rooms, manage content, and customize the live video.

1. Telemedicine (Doctors and Hospitals)

By using secure video chat, doctors can improve patient care by providing more timely services and reducing costs associated with travel. It can help to reduce cross-contamination and improve patient care by providing a remote access point for doctors and nurses. Video Chat App (Build an app with Voice and video calls) allows hospitals to improve patients’ outcomes by allowing them to interact live with doctors from anywhere in the world.

Disputes can be resolved faster and more effectively with improved communication between parties. In addition, telemedicine applications could be used by businesses in order not only to diagnose but treat employees remotely as well – something that is becoming increasingly important as workplaces become more mobile-centric.

2. Legal

According to Clio’s 2020 Legal Trends Report, 37% of consumers prefer video for their first meeting with a lawyer, and as many as 50% prefer video for follow-ups. There are several reasons industries like the legal sector should invest more in secure video chat. First, it can also be used for quality control purposes, such as during court proceedings. 

The benefits of secure video chat go beyond that, as lawyers could use it to conduct consultations with clients on behalf of their attorneys, increasing efficiency and satisfaction across both sides of the table. Most importantly, secure video chat facilitates client-attorney communication and enables the parties to efficiently and without the hassle of phone tag exchange valuable and in-depth information about a case.

3. Education

Educational institutions are increasingly using video chat to connect with students and parents on a 1-to-1 video chat app in order to better serve them. A lot of students and teachers also use this app to make communication easier through video chat. According to Statista, the global digital education market reached around $243 billion by 2020.

A new trend in online learning has emerged, with educational institutions, particularly those in higher education, prioritizing webinars and distance-learning video conferencing. Also, institutions can reach a much wider audience by offering e-learning in a very affordable way.

4. Human Resources

The human resources industry is by far the biggest of all the industries for labor, employment, and potential workforce. By staying ahead of the curve and being innovative in their processes and technologies, they can better serve their clients, save costs, and prevent larger problems in the future. This is why they must stay updated on technologies like secure video chat.

To make the most out of video chat apps or Webrtc video call/conferencing, HR professionals must use services designed for large groups and multiple stakeholders. Companies such as vidcap ensure that human resources can connect with as many people as possible.

Features such as screen sharing, file sharing, and others help ensure that the entire team can communicate with one another in real time. With so many things going on in the workplace, making sure that orders are carried out effectively can be a challenge.

The human resources market will be well served by taking a look at what secure video chat can offer and how it could help them streamline their process and improve the user experience exponentially.

5. Behavioral Health

As people become more conscious of their mental health, they may wonder how video calls affect them. Using secure video conferencing technologies (with Video chat SDK) by psychologists and psychiatrists for behavioral health has many advantages. Video chat can resolve customer complaints or disputes, manage interactions between employees and clients/customers, and train new staff members.

In addition, it can be used as a form of remote consultation or therapy by both workers and patients. As technology continues to evolve (including enhancements in security), so too will the benefits of using Web-based video chat apps for behavioral and mental health.

6. Financial Services (Banking, Insurance, Securities)

The financial services industry should invest more in secure video chat (Video calling API) because it plays an important role in enhancing customer satisfaction and retention rates. For example, banks can use video conferencing tools to enhance onboarding processes for new customers or employees alike.

These tools can be used for risk assessment and management process outsourcing (RAMP). Financial industries that should invest more in secure video chat include banking, insurance, securities, and healthcare providers.

These businesses rely on communication tools to provide customers with access to their services and support them during emergencies. Furthermore, security concerns related to online transactions have made secure video chat, with the best video call API an essential part of many companies’ strategies.


To summarize, these six industries heavily rely on video communication because they must communicate with numerous people at the same time. However, they face challenges such as varying technology standards, lower bandwidths, and other issues that impede video communication.

However, as secure video-chat technology evolves and improves, these six industries stand to benefit from investing in and maximizing the utility of video conferencing or Group video chat apps as we move forward in the future.

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