Could Tech for the Elderly Make Them Less Lonely?

Could Tech for the Elderly Make Them Less Lonely?

We’re accustomed to reports about the internet and social media making us less connected and more lonely, but could new technology actually do the opposite for the elderly? Three new tech developments suggest that might, indeed, be the case.

Artificial Intelligence for the Elderly

Intuition Robotics, creator of not-yet released ElliQ, set out to meet the needs of a huge underserved market: the elderly, lonely as illness and health problems make it more difficult for them to engage with the world at large. Working with a dream team of designers and tech experts, the team have created a desktop device modeled after Pixar’s lamp.

ElliQ talks and interacts without being prompted; for example, suggesting a walk on a beautiful day. Using a woman’s voice, the device can read texts and even use photo recognition, lights, and movement to get the user’s attention.

Robotic Pets

A dog or cat is often viewed as a great companion for an elderly individual, but sometimes pets just aren’t practical. A robotic pet, however, like the newHasbro animatronic dog and cat, can be just the ticket for anelderly parent in a care facilitythat doesn’t allow pets.

Looking to leverage its decades of animatronics and robotics expertise, Hasbro recognized that people were buying stuffed cats with chips and sensors not just for their children, but for older people, as well. Online reviews indicated elderly relatives felt less isolated and lonely, so Hasbro expanded its children’s toy into the longevity market.

Companion Robotics

A robot is an it, not a he or she, but the squatlittle white Human Support Robotfrom Toyota is so personable that you somehow can’t help using the feminine pronoun when describing her. While robotics have traditionally worked very well in manufacturing situations where environments are very static, robotics designers are hoping to expand the use of devices such as the one from Toyota to care for the disabled and the elderly.

For now, robotic companions are still in the early stages of learning how to assist with care, but the hope is that they’ll soon be able to assist seniors with the following kinds of jobs:

●opening doors

●picking up the floor to keep homebound elderly from falling

●fetching small items


With over70% of disposable incomein the hands of people 55 years and older, it’s no surprise that tech developers are turning their attention to the needs of this diverse group. It’s safe to assume that artificial intelligence, robotic pets, and companion robotics are just the beginning. 

Step by step instructions to resolve No Sound after CPU Overclocking Problem

Step by step instructions to resolve No Sound after CPU Overclocking Problem

In general, overclocking denotes making adjustments to your CPU and memory to operate at speeds more than their usual speed mark. Overclocking is the practice of enhancing the clock speeds and power of your CPU to get better overall performance. With CPU Overclocking, people used to increase operating voltage with the purpose of preserving operational solidity at increased speeds. The main objective of overclocking is to get extra performance by boosting working speed. Most of the times, overclocking is aimed at enhancing the performance of a system. It is an excellent method to get the most power out of a device or an old computer.

Overclocking a CPU is the procedure of improving the clock speed that the CPU generally works. The process of overclocking a CPU has become much simpler these days. Overclocking can present your computer considerable performance and improvements in performance than earlier. You should learn how to do overclocking because it can spoil your hardware if it is done in the wrong way. When you do overclocking, you should make sure that you are not overheating your CPU. With a proper care and attention, you can develop its velocity and the performance of your computer.

Overclocking focuses on giving a boost to the clock speeds and power of your CPU so that it can improve on the whole performance of your device without the increased cost. People are doing overclocking to improve the performance of their computer but at times, things can go completely wrong. Many people used to face the issue of no sound after CPU overclocking. Keep in mind that overclocking can surely accelerate your system but only if you carry out it correctly and learn how to do it before you do it. Here are some of the top tips that help you to understand how to resolve no sound after CPU overclocking problem:

  • Lessen The GHz rating of the CPU To The Original Level: if you find no sound after CPU overclocking, make sure to reduce the GHz rating of the CPU to the original level to get sound back. People used to go for CPU overclocking with the aim of getting a more enjoyable experience with their device. But, they may experience upset and discontent when they find that there is no sound after CPU overclocking. If you would like to resolve no sound after CPU overclocking problem, ensure to decrease the GHz rating of the CPU to the original level and it will help you to turn everything back to normal.
  • Understand Processor Speeds: Before you trying for overclocking a CPU in a computer, it is vital to be familiar with the speed of the processor and at how much speed it is computed. Remember that every processor speed is centered on two distinctive features such as bus speed and multiplier.
  • FSB (Front Side Bus): When you are trying for overclocking a CPU in your computer, you have to understand that the velocity in MHz of the CPU is the outcome of the FSB (Front Side Bus) in MHz and the multiplier. The FSB is the most frequent mode to overclock the CPU.
  • GHz Rating: When you aim to overclock the CPU, you should not increase the GHz rating too high as it can result in no sound after CPU overclocking.
  • Non-Standard Frequency: if you seek to overclock the CPU, you should pass up the system operating under a non-standard external frequency as it is tend to more troubles.

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Google Enters Race For Nuclear Fusion Technology

Computer Hardware

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: Google and a leading nuclear fusion company have developed a new computer algorithm which has significantly speeded up experiments on plasmas, the ultra-hot balls of gas at the heart of the energy technology. Tri Alpha Energy, which is backed by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, has raised over $ 500 million in investment. It has worked with Google Research to create what they call the Optometrist algorithm. This enables high-powered computation to be combined with human judgement to find new and better solutions to complex problems. Working with Google enabled experiment’s on Tri Alpha Energy’s C2-U machine to progress much faster, with o…

Fact uncovering the benefits and drawbacks of the latest car technology

Fact uncovering the benefits and drawbacks of the latest car technology

Technology has been playing a very significant role in the automobile industry. Cars are the essential means of transportation for everyone. They make commuting easy and less time-consuming. Over the years, technology has been advancing from time to time until the modern car. Today, some cars can do much more than others can, although there are still some drawbacks associated with latest car technology. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of car technology.

Easy diagnosis

When a modern car develops some mechanical problem, it is easy to know the exact spot where the problem is without taking a lot of time testing. Before advances in technology, the mechanic would go through a cumbersome process to identify the problem. However, today, everything is computerized, and all the engineer will be required to do is connect your car to the system, and it will analyze the entire functionality of the car and give an accurate diagnosis without numerous trial and error as it used to be earlier.

Fights traffic

Some cars can communicate and tell the user on, which roads traffic is bad and the ones that are good. For a period, traffic has been the biggest problem in the transportation industry. People used to leave their homes early to ensure that they get to work or other destinations on time. A place where it would take you one-hour drive, due to traffic, it takes 2-3 hours. The new technology in the modern car gives you detailed calculations on the possibilities of how long it will take you in traffic and suggests an alternative route and how fast it will take you to get to where you are going.

Consumes more gas

The more technology is advancing, the more the cost of driving your car gets. Today, to drive an SUV latest model from one place to another it will cost you almost times more than it would with the other version of the same car. This is because the more technology is involved in the mechanism of the car, the more it will consume to ensure proper functionality of the entire car. Additionally, the engine size of the latest model is bigger than the others were, therefore, making the demand for fuel to be higher.

Car to car communication

When driving, there is a higher possibility of accidents on the road. Every day, the roads experience numerous car accidents. However, with the recent car-to-car communication technology, your car can calculate the speed of a car coming from a different direction and the one ahead of you. Once it has calculated, it sends the signals to the other car and evaluates the possibilities of which lanes you can use and avoid corroding with the other car.


Another drawback of technology in the modern car is their cost. Although this car has all, it takes to make life interesting, affording it is only for a few. This is because the manufacturers want to ensure that everything is paid for accordingly to reward their efforts in making the car.

Difficult finding parts

Finding some of this Porsche performance parts is very difficult due to cost and others the manufacturers are yet to produce. Therefore, when the model car develops a mechanical problem, it takes a long period to get it fixed since you will have to take it to the manufacturers for repair. While with the old model, it will only take you few hours to get to a mechanic and the problem is solved faster. Additionally, it’s also difficult to purchase some of this performing parts for the once that are there. This is due to high cost of the parts.


With all the facts uncovering above, there are still possibilities of improving the use of technology even to the automobile industry. As technology is taking routes in every aspect of human life, embracing its basics will make transportation convenient for everyone. However, although technology has been growing, and the automobile has been changing, there are still older versions of cars that are yet to advance in technology, but they are still efficient and convenient.