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Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have your own business in an urban city such as Mumbai? Then you must definitely know about the importance of mobiles in business. In recent times, it is not enough if you own a website for your company. You also should make it mobile responsive. And it has become mandatory for every business owner to keep his/her finger on the pulse of the target audience. To be believed, it is mobiles that are charting out a majority of the sales for any business. Or shall we say e-commerce? In this article, let us focus on the recent trends in mobile technology.

Trends for the Upcoming year – 2019 – Mobile technology

1. Recent Trends In Mobile Technology – Android Instant Apps

Android Apps

If you are a business owner and have moved in with the trends of 2016, where every company (small and big) had designed an app, then understanding the title will be easy. Android Instant Apps – these apps do not require the installation and can run at immediate notice.

A user need not download the app, he can first run and test it, and afterward, download only if it is suitable. And to top it all, this app works on every recent Android device. It gets the maximum support from Android 5.0 right up to Android 8.0. It is also well-supported by Application Protocol Interfaces right from level 21 to level 26.

If your app works best, then the users will be happy to download the app. Any bad experience and they will refrain from downloading it, and in this era of social media, bad news travels very fast. If your app gets trolled in an unfortunate situation, you may get caught in a dead end.

2. Recent Trends In Mobile Technology – Artificial Intelligence in Mobiles

Artificial Intelligence in Mobiles

Okay, so, you must have read various articles on the internet as to how artificial intelligence has made the change and benefits for many industries. Even in the mobile industry, the changes are taking place. So, what are some best examples of artificial intelligence in day-to-day activity?




Google Assistant

Have you used mobile apps which make use of artificial intelligence and voice recognition software to complete jobs? A mobile app works on the basis of AI to recognize your voice and then complete the required jobs.

3. Recent Trends In Mobile Technology – Mobile security

Mobile security

>In this era of the digital world, online security has become very important. A wrong move and your hard earned money will vanish to some other untraceable bank account. There are many persons who still do not use mobile apps for making the payment. This is because they do not trust the security features of the app. In the year 2019, mobile payment companies will need to address these concerns.

4. Recent Trends In Mobile Technology – Geofencing/location-based services

Geofencing location

Have you ever used the services of Uber and Ola? Then you need to send the present location to avail of their services. But there are many apps, which request your information even without any purpose.

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Yes, when you download the app, it requests your location and you give it. The reason, you do not feel the need to ask questions and you feel no harm. But please note, that some app companies sell this information to third parties who use the same info for marketing purposes.

5. Recent Trends In Mobile Technology – Mobile Apps For Also Small Businesses

Mobile Apps For Also Small Businesses

Yes, there was a time when only large companies were looked with respect. Not any more. It was in the middle of 2016, that the requirement of apps became more and more. And even small companies with an online presence and doing e-commerce business introduced their apps.

In 2019, the trend is expected to continue, but as we have mentioned in the first topic, it will be more of Android instant apps.

6. Recent Trends In Mobile Technology – Augmented reality

Have you heard about the Pokemon Go? It is the best example of augmented reality app. In the app, you can feel that the trees, sky, and grass all exist. Yes, you can proudly say that it is Pokemon Go which brought the augmented reality version in the game. That is the reason, why in developed countries, you can see people running around the parks searching for Pokemon. The game Pokemon Go generated more than a billion dollar revenue for its creators. At present, nearly six million people play the game all over the globe. In the year 2019, more games will come to the market with augmented reality as their base.

7. Apps For Transportation

Apps For Transportation

Yes, and we are not mentioning about Uber and Ola. It is regarding the other apps even in Government services. Right now, you have an app which can give information about the arrival of an Indian train. At present in developed countries, you have apps to use bikes for the general mode of transportation. You have the app to locate the bike and then make the payment. You can then ride the bike and drop to another location. The greatest advantage is that you can lock the bike using the same app.

8. Mobile App Revenue

There were the times when the Google Play Store as well the Apple App Store had only a few apps. But now just check them and you can find the apps in millions. It is quite heartening to see that Indian and Brazilian apps are rising in number in both the Stores. As per a survey, the revenue from apps is expected to reach nearly 190 billion in the next year, 2020. Definitely, this is a new topic and you can include it as one of the recent trends in mobile technology.

9. Health Apps

Health Apps

There was a time when during an exercise session, you need a partner while you do the physical activity. But now, the trend has changed. You have watches, bracelets, glasses to give an account of the steps taken during walking and other activities. And will you believe, every item is connected to an app? The best example you can get is Fitbit. You can monitor your physical workout via their app.


Do you feel bored at doing the same job again and again? Then there are apps such as Elevate and Peak which can make your brain work in top condition. Mental health apps will be on the rise. You can term the recent use of apps for health improvement among the customers as one of the recent trends in mobile technology.

10. Home Electronic Appliances Will be Controlled via An App

Have you heard of home automation, smart home, and the Internet of Things? It is the technology where many home appliances are connected together via a WiFi and then asked to give/send information. With a device, you can make them work as per your command.

For example, you have the smart washing machine which you can control via its app. You can make the appliance start the washing process. After the wash is completed, you get the notification on your mobile. This is just an example of the recent trend in mobile technology that has made waves in the last year.


So, we come to the end of the article on recent trends in mobile technology. But there is one factor which yet has to be developed. It is regarding mobile repair. Let us take a situation. Being a Mumbai resident, you work in a multinational company. You complete many of the day-to-day activities with the mobile only. Whether it is the payment of bills or making purchases, it is the mobile you use. Now, if the mobile needs a maintenance service, how will you know? When the performance becomes low. Right? At that time, you go for the DIY method and make it come back to normal. But if the mobile mandatorily needs a maintenance service, because of a virus or some attack, then you need to hire the best technician for online mobile repair in Mumbai. You can complete the task by downloading the app of the best company which offers home appliance repair service in Mumbai. The reason, he can come to your home at the scheduled time and fix it. In the future, by five years, if the mobile phone gets maintenance, then the device will send an alert to your active email address.

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