9 Smartphone Innovations in 2019

Samsung Galaxy smartphone with double-sided display

Smartphone innovations are rapidly evolving and it’s an era where phones are smarter and faster than humans. And it’s not news that they’ve become our go-to devices to accomplish everyday tasks. Smartphone companies remain committed to creating not just smart, but intelligent devices that add efficiency and ease to our lives. And companies have always kept tabs on consumers and the market, to fetch constant innovations.

 And with that, here are 9 innovations we expect from smartphones in 2019:

1. 5G Phones

5G NR as it is called will bring about lighting fast mobile internet by tapping into a new spectrum. We are expecting to see the first 5G phones in the first half of 2019. Although most people likely won’t experience the full benefits of the new technology until about a year later. Still, 5G NR promises to dramatically improve internet speeds and enable experiences like always-connected laptops or live streaming from stand-alone VR headsets.

2. Foldable Phones

Foldable phones are becoming more real. The reason why people are interested in the idea of folding smartphones is that of the technological advancements that have taken place in displays allowing them to be flexible. It will have Gorilla Glass on the front and back. This will be important because you will constantly be placing it down on glass. It is more like a tablet, over 7 inches and an AMOLED display with nice saturated colors.

3. Notch Display

Notch displays have suddenly become a huge trend in smartphones. They offer more display space while retaining all necessary information that includes battery statistics, date and more. The shift towards lesser bezels and have thinner frames around the display. 

4. More Camera Lenses

Camera technology has been constantly changing to make smartphone photography more versatile. They capture more detail in pictures with better zoom quality. They add more light to capture better detail in photos. They also take in more scenes for wide-angle shots.

5. Apple A12

The A12 Bionic has a 7nm technology, being one of the first chips on the market. This chip has some insane advantages. With the release of the A12 Bionic, consumers will get a 25% performance boost as well as 30% of a graphic boost. This boost will come along with all the new pixels that the iPhone X has to push. With the 7nm chip, there will be better power savings for the more efficient use of a smartphone.

6. AR Technology

Gaming and entertainment are one of the biggest categories of AR apps at present. AR Dragon will allow you to bring your fantastical beast with you on your daily ventures through overlaid imagery. Ghost Snap AR Horror Survival is also here if you want to scare yourself a little. You can hunt spaces you’re in for ghosts that are after you.

7. Added AI

Artificial intelligence is already playing a major role in the way we interact with our smartphones. But now that role is just about to get bigger and better. Most high-end processors have components dedicated to artificial intelligence. The number of scene categories will constantly increase and your device will easily be able to differentiate a dog from a cat.

8. In-display fingerprint Scanner

Optical scanners use a certain light to illuminate your finger. A tiny camera under your display takes an image of your finger which is then compared to the stored image. But 2019 will see a lot of ultrasonic scanners. The advantage here is that they work better with contaminated fingerprints.

9. Dual Front Camera

Dual front cameras are going from being a novelty to almost a must-have with flagship devices. Optimized zoom and improved detail in images are two major advantages that come with a dual front camera. The 2X optical zoom helps you get closer to the subject without physically moving forward. The advantage here is that there is no loss of detail in these images. A dedicated portrait mode in most flagship devices allows a better depth of field and blurring the backgrounds to give your photos a more professional look.

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