Best Source to Consider for Financial News and Social Media Trends

As an investor, you need the latest information to stay connected with the markets, and you want new insights, provoking analysis, and research that will help you to make your next long-term investment. A smart website can be a great advantage and assistant for people that want to stay aware of the latest financial news and top market trends. There are many such sources and websites available on the internet where you can get your desired news, and some of them are good, depending on the information you require.

However, we recently stumbled upon the best source called Stockbrain, where you get all the latest financial news and trends that help you discover investment strategies. Stockbrain uses Data Mining and Machine Learning techniques to sort out which news articles are positive or negative. It will tell you what is going on with the financial markets for any topic you like and present insightful metadata for each story (like Facebook data scandals, trade war issues, or product releases). For each topic, you are able to easily see how they affected the stock price of related companies. According to the website, the system analyzes 100.000 news stories every day to help investors to discover how hot topics influence your portfolio. It really seems to follow a novel approach based on Big Data analysis as their aim is to empower the “digital investor”.

Stockbrain presents multiple unique and attractive features that leave your normal news feed in the dust:

News Sentiments

Stockbrain calculates media sentiments -you could say the mood of hundreds of journalists in one rating- for all public US companies. The number of these companies is not in hundreds, but it includes approximately 7000 companies so it should cover most private portfolios (unfortunately, they do not cover ETFs at the time of me writing this article). However, they do cover big players including Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, and many more public companies that are influenced by controversial news topics. The sentiment section of each company includes in-depth details and you can click to see the top-ranking stories and performance factors of each company.

Real-time News

Along with the features described above, StockBrain also contains a Latest News section that allows you to read developing stories or other content that is trending and related to financial markets. The news section is further divided into subsections, including financial news, latest news, and analytics. You can get all the latest financial news by visiting the first one. If you want to get aware of any specific company news, all you need to write down the keyword in the search box and press enter to check the news. They also present a short summary for each story with a character limit of 200, so you can easily scan the most important parts and get an idea of each article before visiting the actual content.

Notable Sentiment Changes

“Notable sentiment change” section allows you to see the most important sentiment changes for significant companies related to your topic. You can analyze the sentiment change by clicking on the tags and navigate to the keywords that affect a company the most. Every statistic is updated in real-time so you will be able to see any change in the sentiment immediately before it even starts to affect the stock price. If you are quick enough, their news feed allows you to react quickly to all events that happen around the world.

Company Profiles

A big advantage of Stockbrain is that you have a detailed profile of all companies available right at your fingertips. The profile contains multiple sections like, let’s take Apple Inc (AAPL) as an example, AAPL Overview, AAPL performance analysis, AAPL sentiment analysis, and AAPL news and stories. They offer many charts that visualize the stock performance over different time ranges (up to 5 years into the past) and have graphics that show you how the media sentiments change over time. If you are looking to check the status of any particular company then this section can be helpful for you to understand all the details and analyze all ups and downs. Stockbrain even has a section where they compare the sentiment of different companies. You can quickly see which companies from a particular sector or industry have the most positive or most negative news sentiment.

Find New Investment Strategies

For private investors, it can be a huge benefit to browse through the analytics section or search for companies that you might consider for your portfolio. You can never have enough information on a potential investment and Stockbrain allows you to make better decisions. Their technology platform allows you to learn about the opinions of journalists that spend their whole day writing about stocks. If you read lots of business news, then you will spend your time more effectively.

Finally, with all the features mentioned above, Stockbrain is the ultimate source for Stock Data, News, and Sentiments Analysis. If you want more in-depth details about Stockbrain, you can visit the official stock brain website.


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