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List of the Best Free Online File Converter Websites

File Converter

In the modern world of technology, it happens often that we create a file in another format and the end-user or their system requires a new format. In most of the cases, the file you have in your Flash drive is in a different format that no installed software on your system supports. This happens regularly. In most cases, we need a different format of a video, audio, text file, PDF and a different image format. 

As the demand for file converting to another format is on its peak, hence there are plenty of tools and free online file converter  websites available by utilizing which you can change a file into your desired and system supported type. 

List of Best Online File Converter for Any File Format  

There are various tools (websites) available that helps in file conversion. All are not good. Many of these are overloaded with ads, opening of unwanted pages by clicking anywhere. We have tried to select the most common and trusted tools. Let’s have a look at what are the offerings of our selected online file converters used for the same purpose. 


FileZigZag is a free tool for converting your documents, images, ebooks, videos, audios and archive files to any format you want. FileZigZag is based on the best file conversion algorithm and hence it is capable to deliver the best output quality. 

You can use all its services for free. However, if you need premium features then a subscription is required. Another best thing about File ZigZag is that you don’t need to install any third-party software on your device. FileZigZag is supported by both PC and Smartphones. 


OnlineConvertFree is a tool that is capable of resolving any type of file conversion tasks. It allows you to convert your images and documents to any format from their supported formats. It is also best for audio and video conversions. You will need to create a user profile before starting your desired conversion. They offer basic services for free, for premium and high sized files you have to purchase their subscription (daily, light & pro).


Zamzar is a proven name when it comes to online file converter websites. The user interface is quite friendly and you just need to drag and drop the file for the conversion process. Zamzar supports more than 1000 different file conversions such as Documents, audio, videos, images, eBooks, Archives and many more like these. 

Just like other tools, Zamzar also offers both free and paid plans. In their free (basic) plan you can upload and process files up to 50 MB. If the file size exceeds the 50 MB limit then you have to go for their paid services by purchasing any of their subscription types.


FreeFileConvert is our fourth pick for this list. It provides conversion of files into more than 8000 different file formats. Major supported formats are audio, video, document, image, archives, eBook, Gzip, ISO, JAR, Zip, Fonts, Vector and many more. 

It also offers a very friendly and easy to navigate user interface. All you need to choose a file from your computer which you want to convert then select a target or output format and then clicking on the “Convert” button. You can upload up to 5 files at once of 300 MB. If the file size increases from 300 MB then create a user profile and go for their paid plan. 

Final Words 

Besides these on the list, there are plenty of file converter websites available for the same purpose. But the main thing to consider when it comes to the use of any online file converter is the quality of output and speed. The tools discussed above in this article are capable of handling multiple file upload in a single queue. 

Also, you will get the best quality without any change in the file design. Also, if you think there is another tool that should be in this list then you are free to contact and we will try to add in our next update. We always appreciate the constructive feedback of our readers. Thanks for reading. 

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