Buying a Refurbished iPhone? Here are the Key Things You need to Know

Buying a Refurbished iPhone

Owning an iPhone is not just about owning the best piece of mobile tech on the market, but also about being a part of a brand, a movement, and a lifestyle. Yes, the iPhone is a thing of quality, beauty, and a unique set of values shared by millions of consumers around the world, but its price range can sometimes deny others from becoming a part of the movement.

Buying a brand-new generation iPhone such as the latest XR and XS models can set you back a pretty penny, and while these phones do boast the latest in software and hardware, it doesn’t mean that their predecessors are out of the race. In fact, the previous generations are just as viable to the modern consumer as they ever were. With that in mind, here are the key things you need to know and do if you’re thinking of getting a refurbished iPhone.

Make sure it isn’t stolen

Before the introduction of the iOS 7, reselling stolen iPhones was much easier and thus the malevolent practice was much more common. However, Apple has made great strides over the years to ensure no stolen iPhones reach the open marketplace, or at least to minimize the possibility of a stolen iPhone reaching your hands.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t check if the model you’re considering isn’t stolen, though. You will need to check the activation lock status in the settings. If the phone has the “Find my iPhone” turned on with the ID of the previous owner, it might very well be a stolen unit. Either way, you won’t be able to log in or use it. You can also insert the device’s IMEI number into the online activation tool if you’re unable to access the device manually.

Check the warranty and compare the numbers

A refurbished iPhone could look all beautiful and shiny like it was taken out of the box a moment ago, but it might be in a terrible shape on the inside. Don’t let the IMEI number of the casing fool you – compare it with the IMEI in the operating system. This will tell you whether or not the software is what it says on the outside and the condition of the device.

Moreover, be sure to check the warranty status of the device. Apple has one of the best customer support platforms on the market, and you can easily check if the phone is still covered by its warranty by typing its serial number into the “Check Coverage” page on the official website. If the phone is still under warranty, you will be able to proceed, and it will mean that the device is legit. If not, seek another vendor.

Is it compatible with your carrier?

Until the introduction of the iPhone 5, Apple’s smartphones were only compatible with certain network carriers, so it’s important that you know whether or not the device you’re considering is able to work on your preferred network. To get a phone with modern specs and a flexible network coverage, look into Apple iPhone 6s plus refurbished models as they are guaranteed to connect to your carrier and boast decent hardware and contemporary software.

Keep in mind that while a lower price is always a tantalizing feature, buying an “old” iPhone might not be worth the investment as you might not be able to utilize some of the modern features, nor will you be able to enjoy a modern iPhone user experience. With that in mind, choose a newer model to maximize your investment.

Determine the state of the battery

Battery life is a complex issue when it comes to all smartphones, but the matter becomes even more complex as the unit ages. Quite simply, the battery tends to deteriorate over time, leading to subpar performance if not maintained properly or replaced completely. You need to make sure that the iPhone you’re getting has a well-functioning power source.

Either ask the seller about battery life or if they have replaced it, or buy the phone and have the battery replaced at your local Apple store, if need be. Apple offers battery replacements for their phones at a reasonable price, so you shouldn’t worry too much – however, don’t let anyone sell you a product that doesn’t live up to the vendor’s claims.

Conduct a trial period

Lastly, it should go without saying that you need to have some hands-on time with the phone to make sure the unit is functioning properly, that it meets your expectations, and that you’re satisfied with the purchase in general. Make sure your vendor offers sensible return conditions and that they have a seven-day change of mind policy to boot. This will allow you to get acquainted with the device and ensure you’ve gotten the value you were promised.

In closing

The iPhone is an iconic brand of smartphones that dominate the global marketplace, and for a good reason. Besides being one of the most reliable phones on the planet, the iPhone is also a symbol of a unique lifestyle. If you want to be a part of the iPhone world but don’t want to pay the full price, then use these key tips to find a refurbished model that will satisfy your needs.

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