5 Secret iPhone Features You Need to Try

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Apple’s simple design and ease of use have made it a popular smartphone. The iOS platform has greatly improved since its inception. Here are some hidden iOS features that will help you get the most out of your iPhone or iPad. Some of these features are so secretive, that even hardcore Apple fans aren’t aware of them.

Location-Based Do Not Disturb

Location-based DND is otherwise known as location-based and does not disturb. This allows you to activate Do Not Disturb for a certain location. This feature removes any unwanted notifications while you’re asleep or playing online casino with the Caesars casino bonus code in 2019. This mode allows you to receive e-mails, Facebook notifications, and anything else that pops up on your phone, but it doesn’t disturb you.

This notification gets even better when using the location-based Do Not Disturb setting. This hidden feature allows you to receive notifications in a specific location. Do Not Disturb will be disabled once you leave that location. That means you can put your phone in Do Not Disturb mode while you’re away on vacation or an important business trip.

Rearrange Your Apps

You have greater control over rearranging your apps. If you tap any of your apps and hold down, that app will jiggle. Move one app on top of another to create a folder. You can even choose multiple apps at once to move them to a new page.

If you tap and hold one app, you can continue to move others with one of your other fingers. You can also use other fingers to swipe back and forth between the homescreen pages. This allows you to rearrange multiple apps. Moving apps into one folder can be cumbersome since the folder jumps around as you try to move apps into it.

Increase the Volume

This feature isn’t known by many iPhone users. If you prefer to use your iPhone’s stereo loudspeakers to listen to music and you think it’s not loud enough, there’s a hidden feature that allows you to increase the volume to over 10.

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Go to your iOS settings and scroll down to Music. Tap on the EQ menu and choose the Late Night feature to increase the volume.

Improve App Notifications

Are you a person who has multiple apps within your folders? Do you hate it when you get a notification and you’re scrambling to see which folder it came from? Simply 3D Touch is a hidden feature that gives you a list of apps with unread notifications. Choose the app in the list without going to the folder that it’s in.

Sleep Time Mode

Do you prefer to listen to music while you’re sleeping? You can set a timer so that your music will stop playing after a certain amount of time. Tap the Clock app on your iPhone and choose the Timers option located in the bottom right-hand corner. Choose a timer for how long you want your music to play for, then tap on the When Timer Ends button. Scroll down and choose to Stop Playing. This feature is also great for listening to audiobooks or streaming movies and television shows.

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