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GTA San Andreas
GTA San Andreas

Do you think that you are not a good GTA San Andreas player? If yes, then leave all your worries behind because I am providing five strategies for you. After implementing all these strategies in your game, you won’t have to use any cheats for achieving success in this game. So let’s continue-

Raise your respect level

When you play GTA San Andreas, respect is another stat that you can increase. However, when you start playing this game, unlike other stats, it’s next to impossible for you to grow it considerably. So, if you have a high respect level, then you can recruit more members of the Grove Street Families. They can provide a huge help to you in completing the missions.

So, if you want to gain respect in GTA San Andreas, without any cheating, then you can achieve it by completing specific missions. To earn extra respect points, you have to make sure that whenever CJ is in the territory of the Grove Street family, he is wearing green, which is the color of his gang.

You can conquer the territory of another gang and take over it. However, this involves the killing of a whole bunch of gang members. If you are wondering, then let me tell you that by defeating a gang you can raise your respect by 30%. Additionally, you can get a small raise, if you write over another gang’s graffiti.

Moreover, you can slightly increase respect by Killing drug dealers, and members of rival gangs. One thing you should keep in mind that don’t kill your gang member or let any of your gang members as it will decrease your respect.

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Save up money

Even if you started playing GTA San Andreas, you could make a decent amount of money. Moreover, you can earn the right amount of money by completing missions and killing citizens. Later, with the help of earned money, CJ can purchase businesses for regular income. However, if you still don’t have that much amount of money, all you can do is save yourself, so that you can purchase businesses later. Moreover, If you want to play games that are similar to GTA San Andreas then you can visit.

Complete the training side-missions

If you want to earn some more money than to do so, you have to complete basic types of side-mission. Later you can activate them by using specific vehicles. Moreover, you can enable paramedic missions by driving an ambulance, using a police or military vehicle for completing vigilante missions, and a taxi for finishing taxi missions. So, after completing these missions, GTA San Andreas awards handy gifts and bonuses.

  • If you complete the level 12 Fire-fighter mission, then your player CJ can become fireproof.
  • After finishing level 12 Paramedic missions, GTA awards CJ with the maximum possible health.
  • You are awarded a maximum body armor rating of 150% after reaching level 12 Vigilante missions.
  • After Finalising 50 fares in a taxi, GTA allows all taxis to make nitrous boosts.

Find special items

If you have played GTA vice city and found several hidden items, don’t get disappointed with SAN Andreas as its map has all the hidden objects that are distributed all over the map. If you can find the entire unique items then GTA rewards you with several weapons points to spawn.

Collect useful vehicles    

Do you have a garage space in GTA San Andreas? If yes, then you can store as many cars as you want. However, this will depend on the storage space you own. Additionally, you can purchase more garage space for storing more vehicles. If you have all these special vehicles then it becomes more comfortable for you to finish all the missions.

  • You can find armored My personal favorite is Rhino armored tank; you can find it to carjack from Area 69. Later you can store it in your garage. However, one thing you should know is that stealing the Rhino is not an easy task. However, if you manage to take it, then you can keep it in your garage for later use.
  • You can use some super-durable vehicles for completing several missions. However, if you fail your mission of killing the mission boss or destroying the wrong car, then you will only have a locked version of a supercar.
  • You can use the monster truck in GTA San Andreas with high clearance to drive on top of most of the cars. This feature makes it useful for you in some race missions. You can find this monster truck at a spawn point near the trailer park intersecting with Flint County.
  • If you have a tow truck in the game then it allows you to complete a mission by dragging the car return back to your garage, in case of failing a mission. You can also use it for returning vehicles that you have stored previously for restoration purposes.


To conclude, I would say that if you want to get more cash in GTA San Andreas, all you have to do is complete as many missions as possible. Additionally, you can approach these missions in several ways. You can be a bit creative and need some strategies to complete it. So, I advise you that you should not hesitate to take a helicopter with you on a shootout mission. Later, you have to land on a roof nearby for sniping purposes.

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