GTA 6 Is Coming: News, Rumors, Features, Release & More


Today there aren’t many video games available in the gaming market that can compete with the GTA series. If you will see the history of Grand Thief Auto from the very first game made gamers crazy because of the best game developers. If we talk about GTA everything will be less and GTA VI is the best example of its popularity that is not even release in the market and the people are very much into this game assuming the description and details of this game upcoming series.

If you will search for the last season released GTA V, you will be shocked that this game has made the massive amount of money that one blockbuster movie made, although the gap of audience between movie and game is very much for the real thing is the creative mind of developer and GTA team that made this platform possible to achieve the high peak of light. More the 90 million units of GTA V have been sold which give the business of 6 million dollars. Well, if you are playing this game on your computer, then you need to get protected from variancetv .

As per the news the GTA VI will be released in PlayStation 4 and Xbox because more fans are available in these two platforms. But the main decision will be of Rockstar.

The Cities would be added in GTA 6 would be Vice City, Los Santos,  and Liberty City, there is a bonus city which has more green land then concrete like hills or mountains. More suggestion has been seen so far as per the original result of “Best Green city in the world” Oslo, Helsinki, San Francisco, London, Reykjavik, Curitiba, and Vancouver.

The visual game mode will also be released of GTA VI where the VR support needed to make more reality in the GTA world. The cities will be created as per the current development of the cities.

Latest GTO Cars will be added to this latest series and people can create their own modified car engine. If the body does not hold the horsepower then the care will be a blast or broke. This is the best way to jump out of the modified car and I am waiting for this feature.

User can ride the heavy & high tech machine during the crashing level as we have seen in The Guardian of the Galaxy movie.


The story will begin with the drugs dealer who shot people for not paying money for its drugs and that connect one of the members of the main character. The revenge begins and will be completed till half levels. During the story, more challenge will come to compete with the main character where he/she will clean the dirty part of the city.

Character: There is a choice in the character of man or women, along with the name changes which will appear through the game.

Cheat: old cheat of GTA V will work in some part of the game but the most common of changing the weapon will be the same in GTA VI.

There are more changes to make to GTA VI and this is the reason to delay the game because they need to stand on the thought of fans in order to never let them down. If you have any other news related to Grand Thief Auto VI then share with us.

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