GTA 6 For Android : Mod Liberty City Stories V2.4

GTA 6 For Android
GTA 6 For Android : Mod Liberty City Stories V2.4

GTA 6 For Android is a mod for GTA: Liberty City Stories bringing the classic GTA 6 map, but with the graphic engine of GTA VI, the powerful RAGE. For many, GTA VI Liberty City Stories is a dream come true.

In this game, the combat system is a mission mechanism that allows you to fight in missions or to fight without tasks. Everyone has the same health value. When a bullet fired by a weapon shoots on an enemy, it deals damage to the enemy. The game has a combat mission, if these tasks start, that is, to determine the beginning of the fighting, if the attack on the corresponding enemy or to complete the corresponding target, that is, to determine the end of the fighting. The game’s lock settings make the game more mature with combat, shooting, combat skills and weapons.

The game’s combat system set reasonable, conventional combat such as gun battles, the use of bunkers to attack the enemy; the use of fists, baseball bats and other melee weapons to attack the enemy.

The mission of “GTA: Liberty City Stories” includes many tasks on the protagonist. One of the main tasks, there are optional regional tasks, an increase of the game’s playability and freedom. Some of the details before the mission do not seem important, such as whether to go to a weapons store to buy some weapons before getting started with some preparation, but these details may determine the success or failure of the mission. Although the decision made by the protagonist is not important to the game, these decisions may also affect the outcome of the task. The protagonist needs to trigger tasks to the task, the task is only one way to complete. The task is a fixed difficulty, mode, can not choose or change.

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Whats New

General bug fixes and improvements.

  • New high resolution textures and character art
  • Real time lighting and shadows
  • Enhanced draw distance
  • Rebalanced controls for touch-based gaming
  • Cross-platform cloud saves via the Rockstar Social Club
  • Physical controller support 

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Download APK + OBB + Mod 2.4

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