GTA/Grand Theft Auto San Andreas MOD, unlimited money

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas MOD
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

UPDATE GTA 6 is Coming

, GTA/Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (MOD, unlimited money) – or as popularly known GTA, now on your Android devices. After so many years, you have a chance to remember again the exciting firefights, expensive cars and beautiful girls! So quickly install the game on your tablet and help Carl understand his complicated story.

The protagonist of the game – Carl Johnson returns to his hometown after he was unjustly accused of murder. But after 5 years, he discovers that his mother is dead, and his older brother is an influential leader of the criminal gang. At the same time, they are trying to hang a new business on it, but there is almost no time to deal with problems. Karl is forced to cooperate with the police, to restore order in the family business and solve a lot of problems.

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During the game you will have a series of different missions, each connected with the previous one. For the passage you will be credited with money and reputation points. In the same way as in the computer version, you have the opportunity to pump skills of Karl and various institutions are available, such as snack bars, hairdresser’s, clothing stores and others.

Life in the city does not stand still. People are constantly moving on the street, there are gunfights, police are chasing gangsters, and drug dealers are selling drugs. Therefore, you have to maintain your business, gain a reputation in gangs, participate in races and various operations.


  • Expanded subject line
  • Game duration – 70 hours
  • 3 various schemes of control system
  • Excellent adjusted graphics
  • Support of wireless MoGa controllers
  • Support of synchronization of the save game via Rockstar service


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