5 Best Turn-Based Strategy Games to Play Right Now

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I love a TBS or a Turn-Base strategy game because it gives you the time to plot your plan while the other player is making their move. It’s less stressing and demanding than a standard strategy game, where everyone is deploying their plan at the same time, and I tend to believe it has a certain old-time charm that many players appreciate.

These being said, I invite you to have a look at some of the best TBS games you should also be playing right now.

Galactic Civilizations III

Galactic Civilizations III

Galactic Civilizations III

This TBS addresses one of humanity’s biggest fears: getting the confirmation that we are not alone in the galaxy. The other civilizations they discover are just as eager as mankind to conquer and be the rulers of the space.

To start playing, you have to choose your race (Human, Altarian, Drengin, or more) and build up a strategy that will make the race you choose the winning one. As you advance in the game, you have the opportunity to discover and colonize new worlds, research new technology, build better starships, and fight various invaders.

Side Note: If you like games with space civilizations, but you’re not exactly the strategist master, I have another recommendation for you: Run 3. This is an endless runner game, where you are a grey alien who has to move at high-speeds on a challenging platform. While it is not exactly TBS, it is still fun and very addictive, so I only recommend playing it when you want to kill some time.

Age of Wonders III

Age of Wonders III

Age of Wonders III

This 4X turn-based strategy game calls the veterans out of their hiding and asks the newbies to buckle their seatbelts because the exploration is about to begin! Age of Wonders is a series of TBS games, but fans of the games had to wait a long time for the third installment.

Now that it is here, the game promises to amaze us with a mixture of RPG, Warfare, and Empire Building where only the canniest can win. The gameplay is based on building your own empire using resources, research, and by creating powerful alliances that will protect you against invaders.

The map allows you to explore fantastic worlds, where details are rich and the treasures are plenty. What do you say, are you in?

Side note:  If you don’t like building empires and fighting off armies, I have a more mellow option for you: Basketball games. While it’s a sports game, it still requires some strategy to keep everything under control.

Frozen Synapse

Frozen Synapse

Frozen Synapse

The thing I like about this game is the level of competition between players. Frozen Synapse puts your tactical brain to heavy work as you have to plan your every move and only execute when the plan is complete. The cool thing is that all players’ moves will be executed at the same time, which means you have to plan for a backup strategy in case the first one is overturned by your opponents.

Total War: Warhammer

With impressive graphics and a combination of elements from both TBS and RTS (Real-Time Strategy), Warhammer keeps everyone on their toes with amazing action and gorgeous details. I have to warn you: the game is highly addictive and there will be some massive battles to go through!

For the King

The last TBS game on my list is an indie model, created to test your skills in the art of tactical strategy. For the King is beautifully designed, features an impressive weapon system and dynamic weather, which makes the entire action a lot more fun. Well, it may not be Age of Wonders, but it is fun to try, so don’t skip it just because you don’t know the developer

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