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Most app developers continue to ask the most pertinent question, “How to improve mobile application visibility?” This is because most people are concerned only about the magnitude of research that accompanies any mobile application development while disregarding the reasons behind their popularity.

A couple of years back, I had decided to develop an app that would redirect my potential customers to the portal listing the services that my firm provided. A digital marketing company in Delhi that had helped me launch my app informed me how developing the app was not the end, but the beginning of a new journey. This is because most customers are not aware of various new apps and, hence, do not search for them in the play store. These customers discover the availability of such apps while browsing the web on their mobile phones, which means that app developers need to implement search engine optimization (SEO) methods also referred to as App Store Optimisation (ASO) strategies.

To attract the attention of the public towards their mobile apps listed in the play store, SEO services in India design and implement the following steps to help app visibility:

Select an appropriate icon:

An icon is the first thing that attracts the customers while reading about the app on the search results page or while browsing the play store. An icon is an image that represents the app when downloaded on mobile screens, and hence, it is necessary to be careful about its size. One must choose not to exceed 512/512 PNG with an alpha channel.

Include keywords in search page’s title:

The title on the search page lends a brief idea of what the product is about. This means that one must take care not only to include the app’s name but also its utility to its target audience. This is possible only when one chooses the right keyword combinations that match the requirements of customers browsing on various search engines.

Don’t ignore the video element:

Most apps are embedded with a good video showing how they work. This not only piques the customers’ interests but increases the chances of them downloading it. If you want to save your money on the video, you may consider including slideshows showing screenshots of the app. The video must be catchy and must showcase a positive image of the business it represents.

Choose the right image:

In addition to the icon and video synonymous with the app, one must include the most attractive image too. The first two images help to create an impression about the app, beyond which the customers simply do not bother to look. One can choose to include interesting poster frames or random images to augment the customers’ curiosity.

Describe well:

Attracting a customer is not enough; retention is the key for app marketing services. Once a customer chooses to look into your app to know its details, it is necessary that you include an apt description of what your app does and how it differs from those of its competitors. At the time of mobile application development and app store optimization, keep yourself in the shoes of your customers while making a selection of necessary keywords. Maintain a natural flair while constructing the description using the keywords instead of forcefully incorporating them.


Some apps enjoy more ubiquity than others. Owing to changing Google app algorithms, most people consider app ranking to be the most challenging step after mobile application development. However, available SEO services in India advise that the popularity of any app depends not only on its page rank and the ratings of its keywords but also on the frequency of its downloads and increase in the same.

Author bio:

This article is written by Rishabh Agarwal, SEO and mobile application expert working with Techmagnate (A leading ecommerce seo company).

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  1. Sourabh Avatar

    You always come up with helpful and timely information. I will take this information and add your site to my list. Cheers!

  2. impressbss Avatar

    Very nice post here and thanks for it .I always like and such a super contents of these post.

  3. Vinod Mohite Avatar

    App Store Optimization and Search engine visibility both are important for a app developer. Especially if the app is developed using platforms like Shopify , magento people search on the respective app portals also.

    Keyword types to be target
    Brand Name : Every brand should rank for its brand name as consumers may search for brand name in play store

    Product Name : Brand should try to rank the brand for the potential product keyword name which people may search for in search engine and play store. eg If your brand is offering Cricket news then it should target keywords related to cricket along with the brand name. You can use the Google Keyword tool / google trends to find which keywords users are using to search for your brand.

  4. Click2book Avatar

    Good! You have covered everything about mobile application visibility. Really a immersive post.

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