Earn Money From Facebook Ads Breaks or Video Monetization Program.

Facebook Ads Breaks
Facebook Ads Breaks

There are several ways to earn online on Facebook. But, one of the easiest and newest ways is Facebook Ads Breaks. Those of you who are interested in online income must have heard about this new Facebook program. Or if you are a new one and curious about to know all aspects of income from Facebook, this post will give you a new perspective. In this post, we will discuss in detail about Facebook Ads Breaks.

What are Facebook Ads Breaks?

Facebook Ads Breaks is a new kind of program created by this company. We see different types of videos on Facebook, and sometimes Ads appear on those videos. Here video creators and publishers make money by including short ads on their videos. Facebook pays video creators and publishers instead of promoting short ads on their videos. Ad breaks can be managed from Creator Studio on Facebook. Ads can be placed on specific videos or enabled for all videos on the page. This feature on Facebook is very similar to the YouTube video monetization. Facebook is offering users the same opportunity to earn money from its platform online.

Eligibility for Facebook Ads breaks video monetization:

Specific pages must have some eligibility for video monetization. Ad breaks are available only on pages that meet the proper criteria.

  • Applicant’s Facebook page must have at least 10000 followers.
  • Applicant’s age must be more than 18 years.
  • Applicant must have to live in the country which is eligible for ad breaks.
  • Must comply with the partner monetization policies determined by Facebook.
  • Any video published within 60 days on the page should have more than 30000 views. But the video should be more than 3 minutes long.

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How to apply for Facebook Ads Breaks to Earn money from facebook?

  • First, the applicant has to open the ‘Create Studio’ page on Facebook.
  • Then need to login to the account with the user ID and password.
  • After logging into the ‘Create Studio’ account, a dashboard will appear.
  • An option called monetization will appear on that dashboard. Click on it and click on ‘Request Another Review’ to apply for the review.

How to check that a Facebook page is eligible for ads breaks?

If the applicant does not have a Facebook page yet, and he is interested in earning money from Facebook, a Facebook page should be created now. Then qualify for the page monetization by uploading the created video on it. With the permission of video monetization, the applicant can earn money by putting ads in the videos through Ads breaks. And, if the applicant already has a Facebook page, He can check the eligibility status of his page by clicking on the below link.

Step to check eligibility:

  • The applicant will have to log in with the user ID and password of his Facebook account by entering the link provided here. And if the account is already logged then no need to log in again.
  • The applicant will see a list of the pages that are available in his account. It also shows which pages are eligible for ads breaks or video monetization. Moreover, if the pages are not eligible for earning money, then he can see why the pages are no eligible for ads breaks video monetization.

Advantage :

  • Any Facebook user can make online income through this program.
  • With this program, it is possible to earn a good amount of money at home using only a computer.
  • These features can be accessed from any device such as a mobile, computer, tablet to online income. Android and ISO applications are available to operate through Mobile.


  • The program has not been launched in countries all over the world. In some countries, Facebook users will get the benefit of online earning through the program such as India, America, etc.
  • Videos created in multiple languages ​​may not be eligible for monetization.
  • Different conditions must be met for monetization of the videos.

About the ad breaks review process:

There will be no earning from the video until it is reviewed after applying for monetization. However, in some cases, the earning may begin before the review process is complete. The review process ensures that videos with ads fully meet Facebook’s partner monetization policies. Videos created in multiple languages ​​may not be eligible for monetization. The owner of the page has to visit the video library to check the monetization status of uploaded videos. He can check the monetization status of the video by different symbols.


Lots of people making a good amount of money with this facebook program discuss here. It is an easy way to earn from facebook. If you are interested in this subject, you can definitely get involved. However, many people have the opportunity to earn money by providing good quality videos along with labor.  We hope this post has benefited you. If you like the post, please share it.

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