Different Types Of Commercial Air Conditioning System



Getting an educated decision of purchasing an air conditioning system needs proper surveillance of all the types available in the market. You have to understand the best available in your budget, which is reasonable for commercial refrigeration repairs.

Air Conditioning or HVAC has become imperative for most industrial premises because its goal is to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality.

Air Conditioning System

Moreover, VSD drives are generally used in HVAC systems to control fans in variable air volume systems. The diversified application’s needs of the air conditioning systems have different heating and cooling capacities, and they possess assorted kinds of setups and layouts. Though there are umpteen kinds of configurations available within each category, there are three types of commercial air conditioning ruling these configurations. The main types are:

  1. Single Split System

2. Multi-Split System

3. VRF or VRV System

Determining the best air conditioning suitable for your needs requires a proper scrutinization of the types available. Majorly, all of them use comparable technology and require a similar wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted unit.

Split System Air Conditioning

These kinds of air conditioners are the most affordable and their usage is suitable for small commercial properties. They can provide heating and cooling to particular rooms, hence are ideal solutions for small offices, shops, cafes, and server rooms.

The system can even get used in the pair to serve larger spaces and several rooms. They demand external space as each indoor unit asks for space to place the outdoor units, which is the only drawback of this system.

Defeating this disadvantage are the advantages attached to it. It can be stated so because, firstly, it is cheaper than getting a central system installed. Moreover, if any of the units break down, the other systems remain functional. These single types of air conditioners are the cheapest of the forms, yet powerful, energy-efficient systems. Their versatility makes them prominent among all kinds of applications and popular among small businesses.

Multi-Split System Air Conditioning

Alike the single splits, multi-splits also work in the same way, however, they can get connected up to nine indoor units to one outdoor unit, depending on the model. Restaurants and shops are the places where such air conditioning units are frequent use. Lack of space or concern about preserving the physical appearance of the building needs fewer outdoor units getting placed in the exteriors. A multi-splits system gives us a notable benefit over single splits. Yet another selling point is that you are not restricted to using a single type of indoor unit. You can get a combination of wall and ceiling-mounted air conditioning units and attach an air curtain on the opening way. Unlike the multiple single splits, the multi-splits possess complexity as well as more pipeworks. It makes the installation increase by cost and time if you require fewer units. Again, it depends on the design of the building and also on the required cooling capacity.  

VRF or VRV Air Conditioning

The variable refrigerant flow and the variable refrigerant volume, though presumably different, though, mean the same. As Daikin was the original producer, the term VRV got patented by the manufacturing company. Hence, the competitors had to term it VRF. These air conditioning units are the most suitable solution for medium to large applications such as hotels, larger offices, retail spaces, and mixed-use buildings. The remarkably qualified systems are easy to control as well as they are reliable, making it capable of meeting the requirements for heating and cooling huge buildings. They cause the least agitation by providing reduced installation times. The system gets grouped into two parts, namely, heat pump and heat recovery. The heat pump system presents the building at any point in time with heating or cooling, thus making them ideal for open spaces as well. The heat recovery systems are capable of providing heating, as well as cooling at the very time to diverse areas. It offers a perfect solution to a building that consists of many individual rooms. These systems recover waste around the building and use it to heat other rooms and to heat water.


Now, as you have learned about the different types of commercial air conditioning systems, grab the one that suits you, and your office needs.

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