How Augmented Reality App Development Can Change Life for the Better?

Augmented Reality App

First of all, it is a fact that Augmented Reality is buzzing like never before. Experts predict it as the technology of the future and claim that it would be an integral part of many sectors like healthcare, advertising, retail market, and more.

In fact, as per the report of Statista, the revenue generated by Augmented and virtual reality would be as high as $215 billion by 2021. This suggests its widespread growth and increasing demand in the very near future.

Due to the futuristic growth and demand for Augmented reality apps, software giants like Google, Facebook and Apple are keen on investing in this form of software development. Even small businesses will be benefiting from these software revolutions and earn higher returns on investment as suggested by experts.

Augmented Reality or AR as it is fondly called is considered as the cousin of Artificial Intelligence or AI. It aims at developing highly sophisticated apps with finer visuals to give a real-time effect. Put in simple terms, Augmented Reality apps would create computer graphic or physical world views with the computer-generated inputs. The input can be in the form of sound, video, graphics or location-based markers like GPS. Basically, Augmented Reality app developers would be able to create ways to move and look into the virtual world through mobile software. AR apps have the caliber to generate never seen before applications that seem as good as reality. Also, this is the doorstep to creating third dimension graphics to give a spectacular real-time experience.

In 2018, the revenue generated by AR and the virtual reality market amounted to 12 billion US dollars while experts forecast that it would reach a whopping 192 billion dollars by 2022. All these stats suggest the impact of Augmented Reality in real-world applications and human life in general.

Businesses can invest in it to multiply their returns on investment. However, an experienced Augmented reality app development company with a good repute is a must to ensure successful completion and launch of the app.

Sectors to get maximum benefits from Augmented Reality app development:


Patient care and Healthcare Management Solutions like customized apps to monitor patient’s health from a remote location, are gaining popularity with every passing year. Medical professionals, doctors, and hospitals aim at using these software solutions for diagnostics, medical testing, sample collection, monitoring, and more. In the future, Augmented Reality apps would pace up the automatic testing process and aid in providing immediate medical support. The health sector is progressively using AR apps and is expected to generate total revenue of around $4,997 million by 2023, as calculated by ReportBuyer.


Augmented Reality App development plays a pivotal role in optimizing the interaction between global brands and their consumers. It is used to generate precise data, analyze customer choices, help develop marketing strategies and even entertain the customers. All these aspects can push any brand’s value to higher skies as well as aid in multiplying its popularity by manifold times. AR videos and digital images give a real-time experience to customers so that they can select products without worrying about the value for money. It also builds trust between the brand and its consumers thus, pushing sales to another level.

Retail sector:

Yes! AR apps would change the scenario of retail stores as the brick and mortar store owners can now get the reviews, customer information, purchase details and other data from their apps. The buyer’s smartphone works as a reality check for their products and services. They can improve their service as well as the quality of products with the help of AR apps. Moreover, they can attract customers by showing them products with better visual appeal. Videos, ratings, features and other details give satisfaction to customers which they get by an in-person visit. Gauging the increasing popularity of these apps, experts estimate a 15% growth of customers using AR apps in the US. When calculated in terms of revenue, it amounts to 58.8 million for the year 2019.

Types of Augmented Reality Applications:

Marker based apps:

These are designed and developed on the basis of image recognition. Here, augmented objects are visible when the camera reaches a marker’s point. Camera-based data is analyzed and interaction between objects happens accordingly. Marker-based applications are quite prominent in the AR apps development world.

Location based apps:

Instead of markers, these apps interact with user data based on location, GPS, accelerometer, etc. Pokemon Go is the best example of a highly successful Augmented Reality app. These apps find objects as per the location and help reach the destination without any hassles.

Still, in its infancy stages, Augmented Reality is proclaimed to be the next big thing in the mobile app development arena. It will have a strong impact on all sectors, be it healthcare, advertising, fashion, travel, or more. It is often termed as the extension to current mobile technologies due to its ability to change the development scenario into a more interactive one. With this, customers can interact with sellers without any hassles of visiting the store. More and more AR apps are hitting the market and the future of these apps is extremely bright.

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Having said this, companies need to find the best Augmented Reality app development company to get the desired results out of their investment. By choosing the right resources, they can convert their customer base into a permanent one. Otherwise, the cost of development may reach levels that are not affordable. SysBunny has carved a niche in Augment Reality app design and development by developing matchless apps. Form an association with us to convert your concept to reality. Share your requirements here to give us an insight into your plan. We will get back to you at the quickest hour possible.

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