The Future We Did Not Deserve. Top Far-Fetched Technologies, Which Became Reality For The Last 10 Years


In 2007, Apple revolutionized the mobile device market. The iPhone has set the standards for the phones of the future, which manufacturers still adhere to. Following the manufacturers of the race began and between the developers of applications. Trying to make the user’s life more comfortable with the help of the “one icon,” for ten years the companies have released dozens of services, which until recently could only be imagined in science fiction films.

Human rating and future to be earned

Speaking of breakthrough mobile technologies and modern technologies in principle, some users are beginning to fear that they will work not only for the good of the person, but to the detriment, and even manipulate them. This contributed a lot to the British TV series “Black Mirror.” Besides, some of the motives from it have already begun to come true.

Therefore, for example, the UBER company, which undoubtedly made a breakthrough in the taxi market, began testing a system of negative ratings not only for drivers but also for people. So far, the system works only in Australia and New Zealand, but it may spread to the whole world. No, the passenger rating has been around for a couple of years, but only in these two countries will low-rated customers start blocking access to the service.

At the same time, a rating of just four points will be considered low. Reduce their drivers will be able for aggressive behavior or, for example, if the passenger was drunk although the company and assured that a minimal number of customers rating falls below 4.5. However, the convenience of ordering the machine through the application is unlikely to cancel — just the case when you have to earn a good future.

We went further in China. There, a total system of “human rating” is gradually being introduced. The social rating will depend on the earnings and purchases of the citizen, the availability of loans and fines, and everything will be controlled, including with the help of smartphones. Now, the country is leading in terms of the use of smartphones to pay for goods and services, so it is easy to consider them in the rating. By the way, the social score will be open, and just like in the series, people with a low score will not be allowed to enter premium places or access to services of a higher category.

Show your face for payment.

At present, China is fundamentally one of the leading countries in the use of modern technologies in the market for goods and services, and despite the total use of smartphones in almost every area of life, it is possible that in China they will soon recede into the background.

In the country, for several years, they have been testing the payment system and receiving services using face recognition. Already, in several shops, restaurants, or government institutions, you can get the service by merely scanning your face.

You can link a bank account and personal data to your “portrait,” and then “show a face” if necessary. Machine vision technology also helps to maintain public safety in the country. According to experts, in China today, the largest network of surveillance cameras and even the police began to issue glasses with machine vision technology. That is the offender, in which case, is unlikely to succeed in hiding: the state will immediately receive all its data. Well, in addition to the inevitable punishment, do not forget about the impact on the above social rating.

Send real gifts via a messenger.

Russia also does not lag behind the world in the field of modern technologies in the market of goods and services, and in many respects is ahead of other countries.

For example, it was in Russia that an application was developed that allows you to give real gifts using stickers via instant messengers. It is called Gmoji, and with the help of it, you can please your friends and loved ones, even without leaving WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, or another convenient messenger.

The technology works as easy as falling off a log. You send the gift Emoji to the person, and s/he takes it to the chosen place or arranges delivery. The list of partners will be visible on a convenient map.

You can make a gift, even without knowing the phone number or real name, and send at least on a dating site. At the same time, to receive a bonus, the recipient does not need to install the application itself. The person to whom you sent a gift may present a sticker with a web-form to one of the partners.

And Gmoji has a lot of partners: coffee shops, restaurants, beauty salons, bookstores, and even car services. At the same time, the list of partners, and therefore gifts, is expanding every day. Thus, the application will not be excessive in your smartphone. After all, in addition to pleasing your loved ones by paying them a new haircut, a book, a glass of champagne or just coffee, you can use the gift yourself. First, this is beneficial, as there are often discounts on the Emoji application. Secondly, it is just convenient and beautiful.

Speaking of beauty. The application has a keyboard with special emoji, which has no analogs anywhere in the world. Just with its help, you can present gifts without leaving the chat. By sight, this is an additional keyboard in the form of a tab in a standard iOS and Android console. Only instead of the usual stickers and emoji in it – emoji is in the way of real gifts.

Carry whole blocks in your pocket

Virtual reality is another of the most promising trends in the field of mobile development. Few are surprised by movies and games in VR, and now this technology has begun to help consumers.

One of the areas in real estate. According to analysts, virtual reality has already begun to change the market. Surveys show that 60 percent of customers who examined potential housing in VR glasses bought it more readily. Also, consumers have started to be more loyal to developers who, directly on the site, allow them to take a virtual tour of the object, without leaving home or even postponing a smartphone.

Following the virtual reality, augmented reality (AR) technology has begun to help consumers and marketers. One of the examples that everyone has at hand is the new Russian banknotes of 200 and 2,000 rubles, which can be checked for authenticity using the application. If you turn it on and bring the smartphone to the bills, then the images on them will begin to change and line up in a 3D model, showing details that are not visible without a smartphone (something even resembles moving pictures from Harry Potter).

In addition to bills, AI-technology began to be used in regular stores, where, pointing the phone at a product, you can get additional information about it or even try on a thing virtually, and we are talking not only about clothes. With the help of augmented reality, some stores already allow you to see how this or that furniture will look in your apartment.

It seems it remains only to invent a technology that transmits tastes and smells through a smartphone. However, the work on these technologies fires on all cylinders and the idea of ​​the whole world in your pocket does not seem so far away. At minimum, physical gifts, online have already learned to send.

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